Fool the Rakyat once, shame on you. Fool the Rakyat twice? Shame on the Rakyat!

Just as surely as Mahathir stupidly signed UMNO’s death warrant more then a decade ago when he went for Anwar on charges of sodomy, so has Najib now signed his own and confirmed UMNO’s death warrant when this son of Razak decided to go after Anwar for this second sodomy case on Anwar Ibrahim.

By Steadyaku47

THINK! If Mahathir had, in hindsight, understood the repercussion of going after Anwar – that ten years after the deed he would find PKR taking over 50% of the Rakyat’s vote from UMNO, that PKR will take five states from UMNO, that all his and UMNO’s pillaging and plundering of the National resources would be itemized in detail for all to see, that the Rakyat would know of PKFZ, of Petronas bailing out of his son’s business, that the ostentatious and outrageous splendor of his children’s houses and their hideous wealth would be displayed for all to contemplate in the internet, that Toyo’s palaces would be there for all to see…if he had known all this – do you not think he would have dealt with Anwar’s dismissal in a different way?

And yet these idiots in UMNO have not learnt! Who in UMNO advised Najib to go after Anwar for sodomy? The same person who advised Najib to do what was done in Perak? The same person who advised Najib to handle Bala the way he did? The same person who handled the Altantuya fiasco the way it was done? My God when will this Najib ever learn?

It takes a lot of courage (most likely desperation!) for Najib to try and conduct what is obviously a politically motivated prosecution of Anwar Ibrahim in these days when the internet will instantly bring to the world’s attention, if not the Rakyat, any instance of a contrived or arranged move by the powers that be, especially the Judiciary, to give Anwar anything less then a fair and open trial.

But desperation knows no rationality in persuading one do what is right. If Najib was rational he would have not met Saifal under ANY circumstances. If Najib was rational he would not have SMS-ed Razak Baginda in the midst of the Altantuya case. If Najib was rational he would have waited to make his move on Perak.

Desperation compelled him to take the Prime Minister ship early from Pak Lah – the man who trusted him enough to make him his heir apparent. Desperation made him bring in a convicted corrupt politician, Isa to contest – because failure was not an option for UMNO then. Desperation made him do the foolhardy deed of trying to “selesai” with Bala. And now in his and UMNO thinking, Anwar had to be put away and it is in the manner that Anwar was to be put away that Najib has faltered again.

Mr Prime Minster Sir, do you think you can control the judiciary to make them totally do your bidding? Even with the CJ as an active and compliant servant to do your bidding do you not think that there are forces within the judiciary that will leak out what the public should know? Do you not think that there are people within PDRM that are sympathetic enough of Anwar’s cause, of PKR’s cause … aware of the rakyat’s need to know – that these people will not leak out what the police part is in this conspiracy to put Anwar away on trumped up charges again? Do you not fear that things might get out of hand as we know they will eventually?

You, Najib, will not be able to control, direct, guide and decide on the final outcome of this trial – and even if you did as Mahathir was able to do then for a while, eventually all will be out! We know enough about you own father to embarrass your Family now – but respect for the late old man prevents us from doing so – respect that has been earned through his many years of service for his country. You by contrast have been Prime Minster for how long? Not even longer then the gestation period for an elephant! And you think that you can carry this prosecution of Anwar to a triumphant conclusion?

Be afraid Najib! Even with Perak there were glitches. Did you not remember that a “renegade” judge did rule in favor of PKR’s man? Panic reign for a moment until you were able to “correct: things through a compliant judiciary again!

MACC- again glitches there. Did you not remember that for a few days a “renegade” again ruled that MACC could not conduct their interrogations outside office hours … again panic reigned until the judiciary was again brought to heel.

And now Anwar! Already he is being denied evidence necessary to conduct his defense effectively. We already know what the doctors have said – that there is no evidence of sodomy! Like the Altantuya case where we know of your involvement and ties to Razak Baginda – we also know of your meetings and discussions with Saiful in regards to this case.

Yes, so far you have been able to push this along on your terms with a view to putting Anwar away.  Now what happens when there is another “renegade” that will not do your bidding? Maybe because you have not threaten him enough. Maybe not paid him enough. Maybe because he has had enough of seeing innocent people being prosecuted to serve the vile needs of UMNO, of Barisan and of you – and most likely because he has had enough of all these excesses that he sees around him perpetuated by those goons from UMNO. We live in hope that there will be many of these people who will put themselves – even their life – to defend that of the Rakyats.

Be afraid Najib. Be very afraid. You went for broke in Perak. You got your way – but are not the price too high to pay knowing that eventually the costs of buying over the opposition will cost you the next general elections?

You allowed PDRM and MACCC to do your dirty work for you. And again do you not think that a PDRM and MACC running amok does damage to your and UMNO cause more then it helped? Because the people do not condone and will not tolerate such excesses? And it is the people that will vote!

You allowed PKFZ to fester until nobody was able to contain the greed and avarice that made it a malignant disease that is already killing MCA and eventually UMNO as it advances relentlessly through everyone that had gained form it – namely Barisan and your cronies!

And now Anwar! If you think putting him in Sungai Buloh again solves your problems  – then you have not learned from what happened over a decade ago when Mahathir used the police and the judiciary to try and neutralize Anwar. Already you and I know that this sodomy 2 is a “durian runtuh” for PKR.

The coming trail of anwar is able to focus all things PKR, all forces against UMNO and Barisan, all people wanting justice and a decent government – all these forces are now being concentrated on Anwar Ibrahim and his trial. You are giving him the same ability to move the people as Mahathir did in those Reformasi days – thank you! If you put him away you are damned. If you release him you are damned. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t. You cannot win. Either way he becomes the rallying point again. Back to reformasi days. Back to those days when Mahathir gave him the ability to bring together the Rakyat against the might of UMNO!

Can you still not remember what KL became in those days? A battlefield of reformasi vs what have you … and for a time it was touch and go as to whether the Rakyat would totally heed the call for Reformasi to take root totally in Malaysia then. And at that time there was only Anwar! Today we have PKR … and what is more telling – we have the Malays, Chinese, Indians backed totally by the “other races” that will put their will, their beliefs, their commitment and even their lives to prevent what you are trying to do – putting away their symbol of hope for a brand new day for us all in Malaysia – Anwar Ibrahim!