Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has nowhere to go in Pakatan Rakyat

What’s the point of moving into a new house, when the new house has yet to prove it is going to be better, safer and more reliable than the old house?


By Tohkong Mosjid

IF Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah joins PKR…..

TRH will be seen as threat to Anwar to be next Prime Minister Malaysia if (they forget about the big IF) Pakatan Rakyat wins the next election. Imagine the negative reactions from PKR’s supporters towards Zaid Ibrahim’s recent proposal regarding the appointment of Tok Guru Nik Aziz as the spiritual leader of Pakatan Rakyat, TRH will most probably suffer the same fate as Zaid Ibrahim and be forced into taking a sabbatical leave to focus on something outside of PKR. If PKR does not know how to appreciate Zaid Ibrahim, do you think they can handle someone of TRH’s caliber?


PKR does not seem like a good choice for TRH……unless he can be as powerful as Zulkifli Noordin.

IF Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah joins PAS……

TRH has been known to speak the right things and is firm on his principles; even to the extent of criticizing his own party leaders for not following the rule of law and making dumb statements. If TRH is in PAS, he’ll probably be slapped with suspensions like Khalid Samad for speaking out against party leaders in public, even though he is doing to right thing to save his party image from plunging.

No matter what TRH does to improve PAS’s image, in the end it will be in vain because PAS has the habit of shooting its own foot whenever it likes. Worse still, PAS may just serve him another punishment to prevent him from making any public statements to the press so that he cannot advise (well, to PAS, advice has been always regarded as a form of criticism) PAS anymore from the outside.

If TRH is in PAS, we may not able to hear from him for many months to come….

IF Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah joins DAP……

This is unthinkable; because TRH will not feel comfortable attending any of DAP’s hosted functions. Their speakers have the tendency to forget about the feeling of the minorities, especially their Malay and Indian supporters when delivering their speeches. Most of them will spend about 30-50% of their speech time to address the Chinese supporters using the Chinese language.


Once I attended a DAP function in Kampung Tunku. I felt so sorry for the Muslim supporters from PAS and PKR sitting down there uncomfortably because each speaker of the event spent at least 50% of their time speaking in Mandarin, a language that they could not understand. If DAP is serious about creating a Malaysian Malaysia, and determined to attract more Malays to join their cause, then they should restrict the use of the Mandarin language in all their functions nationwide. I can’t imagine TRH joining a party who calls itself a multi-racial party when its soul is acting like a Chinese party just like the MCA.


No chance for TRH to join DAP as well…..

Let’s imagine if TRH does join Pakatan Rakyat now — do you think TRH can still draw as much attention on making the “right” statements compared to his days in UMNO? TR’s “right statements” on oil royalties or other governmental issues look astoundingly stand-out, remarkable and noticeable because he is a unique voice of conscience out of UMNO.

If TRH is a PR member, his “right statements” will be regarded as just any other “right statements” issued by the opposition and it won’t be “outstandingly noticeable” because it is the norm for an opposition member to issue “right statements” that opposes the government’s view. Tengku Razaleigh is a gem in our politics. UMNO and Barisan Nasional knows about this or else why haven’t we seen anyone from UMNO or Barisan foolish enough to ask TRH to leave and join Pakatan Rakyat despite him making numerous critical statements against his own party?


Pakatan should stop persuading TRH to switch camps; instead they MUST do something to improve themselves and prove their worth to lure TRH to join forces in the wagon of change, weeks before the next general elections.  


TRH is much more valuable to PR if he stays in UMNO rather than joining Pakatan Rakyat as of now. Pakatan needs TRH’s voice and help to continue to criticize the government as an UMNO member rather than an opposition member. After all, what’s the point of moving into a new house, when the new house has yet to prove it is going to be better, safer and more reliable than the old house?


P.S. Tohkong Mosjid thinks PAS Disciplinary Committee has forgotten about their bitter defeat in Bagan Pinang.