Nothing provokes more interest than the dirty laundry of politicians because high standards of behavior and loyalty are expected of every member of any political party. With a heavy heart, I forced myself to read The Star’s report on Zahrain: Lim is a dictator. My reaction – severe cognitive dissonance of course!

By Masterwordsmith

The report said:

Describing the DAP secretary-general as a “dictator, a chauvinist and communist-minded”, Zahrain who is the former state PKR chairman, said Pakatan should stop compromising with the leader who is from Malacca as Lim had failed to deliver its general election promises.

Stressing that he was not attacking the DAP, Zahrain said Lim would become a liability to Pakatan in the state if he continued the way he was now.

“Lim does not like to be criticised. He is quick to label those who criticise him as Barisan Nasional agents,” he said. “Even his own party colleagues do not have a say the moment Lim makes up his mind.”

Zahrain said among the election promises that were not kept were the introduction of local council election and an open tender system.

“Lim may be reluctant to push for local council election because it will diminish his power if Penangites use that as an avenue to pass verdict on the state’s performance.

“He also promised an open tender system, but he has made the process worse by personally chairing the tender board,” he said, adding that there was better check and balance during Barisan’s rule. Click HERE for more.

How long can anyone tolerate politicians who criticize others in the same coalition when their leaders do not chastise their own? I am not siding either party in this scenario. We are talking about adults here – people who voted them into public office. Can there now be open and honest debate within the PR? Can one be a friend to another from a component party and use the right channel of communication to iron out differences when issues arise?

This should not been the way of the organized parties. Politicians must play their roles with great skill and use the media to their advantage and not to shoot their own soldiers. Whatever reservations regarding someone else’s wisdom we permit ourselves to think, or to whisper to one another, should not be spoken out loud, where “the others” might hear and have a gala time rejoicing and doing a victory jig! You don’t wash your dirty linen in public! The taboo against doing that is powerful and pervasive. The damaging consequences can be far reaching for both politicians and the parties to which they belong.

At the rate things are happening and in some cases not happening, we’re going in circles. In fact, we’re spiraling downwards. I don’t know where the bottom is, but I know it’s there and I know they will hit bottom one day if they do not buck up. They will hit rock bottom with shattering force when, through malice and terror, through shallow calculation and venal self-interest, through shortsightedness and through political cowardice, the two-party system that they have proposed may be rendered as nothing but an impossible dream when one problem rolls out after another for all to see with eyes and mouths wide open!!!

Who will suffer?