Events are speeding up lately. Someone’s getting desperate now.

I have been careful lately. For I know when you are going against the powers at hand, you will get into trouble, even though you are doing the right thing.

By avancc

But I just cannot bear to see the country where I was born turned into a mess.

We have all recently foiled the plans of some “powers” that tried to create chaos by burning Churches. Then we again foiled their plans of the boar heads at mosques. And the issues again died down.

While suggestions are in abundance all over the country on the need to find harmony, peace and understanding between followers of different faiths, and urges are everywhere calling for discussions and forums to ease misunderstanding, someone seems to be working the opposite way by conducting something that suggests putting the blame on a certain group. While efforts are being made to reduce tension, someone is trying to con people into believing that the issues are the fault of some other groups of people. What for?

Well, ever heard of “throwing stones and hiding your hand”?? Some people will easily believe what another tells them, especially if the person is someone they revere/respect, even if they are lying. They would have a first impression of an issue no matter how ridiculous it may sound.

We are seeing desperate actions being taken immediately after each attempt is foiled. Notice how at first when the Churches were attacked, there was a pause where even authorities waited. For what were they waiting for? Then the second attack at the Suraus, where again they waited. Now right after the attack of the boar heads were foiled, they immediately start some “events” and start “speculating” and pointing fingers at some other groups for the issue. Wow!! That was quick!.

And do we notice how some other issues were picking up momentum on its progress and development? Reading the news everyday, it makes me feel like I was walking briskly, and now starting to have to begin a slow jog. We see people misusing history and even editing it to misguide people. We see some investigation having new turns where new witnesses are called in when a case has already been running in court; we see how evidence is denied the accused; we see some people scream and accuse another out of weird reasons/excuses; we see some web host accounts being frozen; we see discussions being stopped for absurd reasons but another discussion go through without obstruction; etc., etc. We are seeing more and more attempts in faster modes, and it’s drastic. Because many of the things we see don’t make much sense and have little points/reasons for it to happen. And weirder than not, it went past authorities who’re suppose to make sure it’s no joke. But what do we see??? It’s now like a juggler playing with too many balls and starting to panic and rushing through things, and the juggling becoming messy. Well, things are surely messy now.

While we all are glad and thankful over the maturity of our fellow countrymen in not retaliating over the issue, I am seeing a different face on some people in powers (well, I don’t get the idea reading online news, but from the mainstream media). They don’t seem to display the same mood of thankfulness. Instead, they focus on other topics which countrymen were not even worried about. For example, for us, no matter what faith the arsonists were, the actions were condemned. So we are looking at whether these people are brought to justice. Not what faiths these arsonists follow. Through their comments, it gives a sense of disinterest to the real issue; and it does suggest that they are more interested in something else. I’m guessing that someone really wants to die-die force something through. And wants it fast. But the more they do it, the more hints, clues, and secrets are revealed. And it becomes like someone has indirectly confessed that he/they were in on it.

Well, looking at the desperation, it suggests that someone is jumping already. And he/they will get upset over the failures and start something drastic, and very bad.


Well, while we opt for peace, we must also be stern, strong and determined against challenges to ruin this harmony. So we must be firm in our struggle for justice and freedom. Open up more minds, whenever you can. So that more people reason with their wisdom, not by “because our revered leader says so”. To help them justify for themselves the moral of an action, and to differentiate the blacks from the whites. With that, no matter how provocative, how insulting, or how aggressive is that something being arranged, the people know what best to do, and no traps will be entertained at all.

When you learn the right thing, and learnt it well, it is like a tree, deeply rooted; even if you cut off the trunk, it will continue to grow again, and its roots will still be steadfast against the ground. So if you learn your religious teachings well, and thoroughly, there is no question of challenges for you at all, for you know enough what is right and what is wrong.

I hope that all people who realizes the situation will teach their children well, educate them and guide them the right way, so as to help them grow into a person that uses his/her wisdom to live. And not to grow up being a tool for others to be used. Teachers, religious teachers, elders and seniors: teach and guide your juniors well; and open the eyes of everyone you know of the truth behind the issues in this country so no matter what other further plots come to try to disunite our homeland will come to nought immediately.

And last but not least, I, as a simple citizen, am truly grateful to all my fellow brothers and sisters who have the wisdom and understanding to not fall into the traps of the perpetrators. And we managed to keep our country safe despite attempts by certain people to create chaos. And this gave me hope. That WE ALL CAN SAVE OUR COUNTRY TOGETHER.