Education Ministry made a Mysterious U turn..yet again

I would like to thank you for being vocal about justice and rights of our people. In search of justice, I’m bringing you this.
More often than not the Federal Government takes Sabah and Sarawak for a ride. And they are treated as the backward people of Malaysia. They are not featured in their decision-making process. 

By John

Here is a classic example of one. In August 2009, the ministry drafted the school holidays for 2010. They had the mid-term holidays moved to 5th of June 2010. Effectively by-passing Gawai and Keamatan.
After some protests, they changed it to 28th of May 2010. They say, “to honour the people of Sabah and Sarawak”. But sadly, today I learnt that our Education Ministry had cancelled their reversal without giving any reason.
When they restructured the school holidays, the ministry said they wanted to respect the request from the Sabah and Sarawak people and now they go back on their own reversal decision. Are they telling us that they don’t give a damn about them anymore?
Sir, please refer to the attachments. The reversal letter is at the bottom.
I truly hope that this matter reaches many people in Sabah and Sarawak. There must be an end to this mockery of belittling East Malaysia. There are thousands of East Malaysians residing and working (many as teachers) West and looks like they are the forgotten bunch.
Thank you.
7 Dec
17 Dec