We do not countenance your ways and we do not fear you, UMNO

The Peoples’ Parliament

I was too young to fully understand all that was happening when the May 13 tragedy struck.

I have since had the benefit of reading up on this dark passage of our nation’s history from every possible literature I could lay my hands on, including Dr. Kua’s “May 13″.

Until an earnest attempt to lay bare the truth about the riots of 1969 is made through a mechanism akin to that of a truth and reconciliation commission, we may never really ever know what brought about the violence and mayhem which , as we now know, made all talk thereafter of nation-building, as envisaged by our founding fathers, rhetoric and little else.

At the same time, the race-based ‘divide and rule’ blueprint laid out by the Malay nationalists of the day and carried forward by their progeny to this day has, over the years, been allowed to take root and firmly grip this nation by, again and again, playing out to a fearful people, the spectre of race and religion-based violence erupting to disrupt a peaceful existence sustained, not through genuine respect, acceptance and understanding, but the absence of dissent through fear.

Again and again, the people are reminded of the dark history of May 13.

Take the script of May 13. Tweak it a little.

New actors.

Present-day props.

The stage is set.