PM wants to further connect with FB and Twitter fans

(The Star) PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is searching for more ways to connect to his friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

“I’ve yet to see how I can reach out to them even more. Maybe ask them over for tea at Seri Perdana in the future,” he quipped.

He said his venture into social networking sites had been encouraging as he had registered close to 77,000 friends so far on Facebook while 9,000 people were following his updates on Twitter.

The Internet had been a good avenue for the public to provide him with feedback, he said during an interview with Datuk Ahmad A. Talib, executive director (news and editorial operations) of Media Prima Bhd in TV3’s Soal Jawab programme last night.

Najib also spoke about his tasks after assuming the nation’s number one post nine months ago.

“When I took over, I took on a great responsibility. To me, it was a noble appointment.”

He also spoke of a “surreal feeling” that he was at such a level in his career.

However, Najib said his service as Prime Minister was not about leaving a better legacy than his father, Tun Abdul Razak.

“I just want to do my best and let history decide,” he said.

He also said that the internal crises confronting some Barisan Nasional component parties were on the wane.

“There are signs the crises are about to be over and their leaders are looking at various possibilities to end them.

“As such, I deem that efforts are in progress to end them but they have not reached the final stage. There are signs that solutions are being found that can be accepted by the members of their respective parties,” he said.