Now do you understand the word turncoat? (UPDATED with Chinese Translation)

Is Anwar that naive or stupid that he cannot see the false façade that Zul is wearing on his face? I think Anwar may need to spend a second term in the Sungai Buloh Prison to wake him up to the reality of what is going on in the real world.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The Member of Parliament for Kulim, Zulkifli Noordin, is keeping his options open. If and when his party sacks him then he will decide where he goes from there. Well, for sure, he will not be joining PAS because he is at war with PAS. That is why he always takes the opposite stand to that of PAS.

Zul’s personal feud with PAS actually goes back a long time, back to the time of the late PAS President, Ustaz Fadzil Noor. Ustaz Fadzil did not want to have anything to do with Zul. He would not touch Zul with a ten-foot pole.

There was one occasion when Ustaz Fadzil was on the way to an event and when he was told that Zul was also going to be there he told his driver to turn the car around and take him home. Ustaz Fadzil would try to avoid any event that Zul would be attending.

But why was Ustaz Fadzil so against Zul? Those who personally know Ustaz Fadzil would tell you that this is one very kind old man who carried no grudges. But why was he so ‘extreme’ when it came to Zul?

It is not that Ustaz Fadzil was taking it a bit too personal when it came to Zul. It is that Ustaz Fadzil did not trust Zul and felt that he was just a plant, a Trojan Horse, who should not be trusted further than you can throw him.

Zul is very ‘Islamic’. He is in fact even more Islamic than PAS, almost Taliban in attitude. So why did he not join PAS? Does he not want to join PAS?

It is not that he does not want to join PAS but more that PAS does not want him. And it is not because Zul is too Islamic even for PAS’s standards that the party does not want him. It is just that PAS does not trust him and suspects that there is more than meets the eye as far as Zul is concerned.

Don’t forget, in the Art of War you need ‘sleepers’. These are plants or Trojan Horses you send into the opposing camp to create damage from the inside. During the Cold War, the superpowers used sleepers a lot. Russia had scores of sleepers in the British government, some very high up the ranks.

And Umno too uses this very effective sleeper strategy. People are sent into the opposition camp as plants or Trojan Horses. They are in PAS. They are in DAP. And they are most certainly in PKR.

Do you know that back in 1999 one Special Branch officer became the head of one of the Parti Keadilan Nasional (PKN) branches? Yes, that’s right. A Special Branch officer was a PKN branch chairman and the party did not find out until much later. How much damage do you think he had done by the time they found out?

Do you know that some of the staff in the PKN headquarters back in the early years reported to the Special Branch? Their job was to print out the membership list and other documents and reports and pass them on to the Special Branch. Yes, but what they did not know is there are also Special Branch officers who report to me. So I was fully aware of the ‘black ops’ going on in the party headquarters.

After I detected the Special Branch agent, I used him to leak false information to Bukit Aman. This is called a ‘disinformation’ campaign. In a disinformation campaign you leak false information to confuse the enemy.

I then placed my son — who is now in the Sungai Buloh Prison — in the party secretariat and his job was to key in members’ details into the computers. But we had two membership lists. One showed only 20,000 members, which we left ‘exposed’ for the Special Branch agent to copy and pass on to Bukit Aman. Then we had the second list, which actually had 250,000 members, but which we kept hidden.

We did not allow even the party Supreme Council Members to see this list. This is because we did not trust our own Supreme Council Members and suspected some of them to be Special Branch agents as well.

The only two people allowed to sight this genuine membership list was the Secretary-general, Anuar Tahir, and the Deputy President, Dr Chandra Muzaffar.  Even Dr Wan Azizah was only told how many ‘real’ members we had but she was not given any printout. And the Supreme Council, much to its chagrin, would not receive a membership report during the monthly Supreme Council meetings.

Can you imagine the difficulty we faced when we could not trust our own party leaders in the Supreme Council and had to hide information from them and mislead them because we were worried if we told them the truth then Bukit Aman would get this information within the hour?

And there are still many plants, spies, agents and Trojan Horses in the opposition, in particular in PKR. Anwar Ibrahim knows this. Dr Syed Husin Ali knows this. Dr Wan Azizah Ismail knows this. Zaid Ibrahim knows this. Azmin Ali knows this. Datuk Kamarul Bahrin knows this. Saifuddin Nasution knows this. Tian Chua knows this. R. Sivarasa knows this. In fact, every bleeding party leader knows this and they have known this from way back in 1999.

Do you know how good these agents are? One day, back in 2000 or so, they downloaded all the data from the party’s computers and short-circuited the computers after that. We came to office one morning and found that all ten computers had practically ‘melted’. It was definitely an inside job and we suspected who that person might be.

This particular guy sleeps in the office — so in that sense he is the first one in and the last one out. One night, I too slept in the office, without him knowing of course, and I monitored the telephone switchboard. When I saw the light come on to show which extension was being used, I sneaked up and eavesdropped on the conversation. Yes, he was sending in his daily report.

From then on I used him to send Red Herrings to Bukit Aman. I still smile when I think of all that crap I was feeding the Malaysian intelligence agency that at one time in the 1950s was acclaimed as the best in the world, far superior to even the KGB and CIA.

In another incident, one Special Branch officer penetrated Ruslan Kassim’s office. Ruslan Kassim was then the party Information Chief. I suspected he was Special Branch because during the ‘Arsenic Demonstration’ in the National Mosque (Masjid Negara) he wore a pink wristband. (Stupid isn’t it?)

I grabbed him by the arm and tugged at his wristband and asked him, “Ini apa?” He replied, “Takde apa. Saja.”

From that day on I kept an eye on him and one day he came to my office and asked whether he could leave his bag in my room for an hour or so as he needed to run out for lunch.

“No problem,” I replied, but as soon as he left I searched his bag and found a tape recorder. And it was running on record mode.

I then made many phone calls and spoke to ‘phantoms’ on the other end. I engaged in all sorts of conversations with imaginary people. And of course, in my ‘conversation’, I ‘revealed’ a lot of party secrets.

This chap came back after lunch to collect his bag and till today I still wonder how useful Bukit Aman found all those ‘secrets’ that were recorded.

Back in 1999, during the Tenth General Election, we had to ‘sweep’ the operations room a few times every day. And it was mind-boggling the number of ‘bugs’ that were discovered. How did they plant these bugs if not for the fact that it were insiders who were doing it — because for sure outsiders and police officers could never get past the front door, let alone all the way up to the tenth floor. And we are not talking about lower level insiders, mind you. They were not allowed into the operations room. We are talking about high-level insiders, top party leaders, those with ‘security clearance’.

Anyway, I am rambling. But the point I want to make is for more than ten years we have had to live with this problem and always had to be one step ahead of these agents of Bukit Aman. And we did not trust even the top party leadership because all were suspects as far as we were concerned.

So who is Zulkifli Noordin? He is not even of that level I would call a top party leader. And if we do not trust the top party leadership and suspect the top party leadership of being police and/or Umno spies and agents, what more a person like Zul Noordin?

So, freedom of speech is fine. Democracy is fine. And we should not block anyone from exercising his or her right of expression. But was Zul merely doing this? Or is there something more sinister to what he is doing?

The late PAS President did not trust him. We too never trusted him since his second ISA detention because our sources in Bukit Aman told us he had been ‘turned’.

I would urge Anwar Ibrahim to exercise caution. Anwar sat in jail from 1998 to 2004. So he did not have to manage the party office. I was in the party office right up to the end of 2004. So I know more than Anwar himself about what was going on in the party office and the problems we faced in always having to be one step ahead of plants and Trojan Horses.

And we say that Zul Noordin has a hidden agenda. His agenda is not to uphold Islam or to exercise his right of expressing his opinion. His agenda is to create a split in Pakatan Rakyat, in particular in Selangor, so that Najib Tun Razak can grab back the state as he plans to do. And he had planned to do that this month. And this month has only a few days left. So expect them to become more desperate.

Is Anwar that naive or stupid that he cannot see the false façade that Zul is wearing on his face? I think Anwar may need to spend a second term in the Sungai Buloh Prison to wake him up to the reality of what is going on in the real world.

By the way, Anwar, now do you believe that Saiful, the man Najib sent to work in the party office, is a plant? You have only one plant to worry about. We have had so many. But we ‘killed off’ all the plants they sent. We used them to mislead the enemy. You allowed that one plant called Saiful to kill you. Now you want to allow another plant called Zul Noordin to kill Pakatan Rakyat as well?


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