Obama, Haiti, Tun Mahathir and Conspiracy Theories

I love conspiracy theories. MT is not unknown to have a small bent for this as well, so I hope they post this potentially controversial write-up. 

By batsman

President Obama is in trouble. He lost Ted Kennedy’s safe seat to an ex-male model. (You know … the type that bares a lot for a little money .. Scott Brown. I drive a truck). What happened? 

This cannot be understood without acknowledging that the US public is like a dumb cow being led by the nose by the US media. And the big moghuls control the US media. 

Obama got elected as president because the big moghuls wanted a Democrat as president of the US. The big US banks were in deep trouble and the Republicans were useless to do anything since they are deeply opposed to subsidies as a matter of principle. Only a Democrat president could get away with pumping in hundreds of billions of dollars as subsidies for the big banks. So Obama got elected – the first black US president in history. This got some lefties so feverish they could not see that it was the big moghuls who got Obama elected in the first place. 

Then Obama outdid himself. He introduced public healthcare which would cost billions of dollars – money the big moghuls considered was theirs. In addition he is planning to rein in the big banks and introduce limits on their free wheeling and dealing ways. This upset the big moghuls since they considered the big banks as theirs. Obama has made himself obsolete. 

To humiliate him, they put up an ex-male model to contest Ted Kennedy’s safe seat and made sure he won. 

In addition, they purposely sabotaged the Haiti rescue teams and delayed it. Imagine China half a world away could send rescue teams much more quickly than the US which is just next door to Haiti. The delay was excused by saying that it needed time to get ready 10,000 “invasion-cum-rescue” troops. 

They knew very well that after a week without food and water and with the smell of rotting corpses everywhere, people tend to get violent and desperate. This was exactly what happened in Haiti, a country not unknown for its rebellious and feisty nature. 

Why do they do this? For one thing it was a good excuse to send troops to keep order and this fitted into their plans. For another, because of the delay, kind and charitable middle class people were falling over each other trying to get aid and money to the Haitians and this money actually boosts spending and money velocity which the US economy desperately needed. For yet another, Haitians are mostly black. They need to show that blacks are prone to madness and violence and since Obama is partly black, such madness and violence may be in his genes. 

Obama now may be shown to exhibit madness in spending so much money on public healthcare and doing violence to the big banks in limiting their “freedom”. 

So, sadly, Obama may be only a one term president – if the big moghuls can wait that long. 

This brings me to Tun Mahathir. To try and understand Tun Mahathir, it is necessary to acknowledge that a large part of the Malaysian public is like a dumb cow. One part is led by the nose by the Malaysian MSM and UMNO moghuls control the MSM. The other part is controlled by the same US media that controls the US public cow. 

Tun Mahathir, like the consummate politician he is, must play both sides of the dumb cow. How he does that testifies to his great skill as a politician. He makes extremely controversial and provocative statements, but is extremely conservative in practice. One hand tries to hide the other in a dazzling magic show. 

For example, he is pro-UMNO. He is also anti-Zionist. Anyone with half a mind can see that this is a great contradiction. If one is anti-Zionist, one must also be anti-UMNO since both practice the same evil ways. Decide for yourself ..  Israel: One law for all? 

PAS is anti-UMNO and anti-Zionist. This is a principled stand. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for those who are anti-UMNO and pro-Zionist. To my mind, they form 2 faces of the same coin with Tun Mahathir just as Bush and Osama form 2 faces of the same terrorist coin. 

As for Tun Mahathir, he cannot get away with things if he was all bluster. All bluster is not sustainable. As a consummate politician, he must use the truth in very cunning ways. 

For example, the Zionist problem is a European problem exported to the Palestine and turned into a never ending misery for the Palestinians. This is the truth. 

As for the opinion that 9/11 was staged by neo-cons to provide an excuse for the US to go to war against Muslims, Michael Moore the film maker seems to think so too. If you think Tun Mahathir a fool for this opinion, then you must also think Michael Moore a similar fool. 

As for the Holocaust, one may argue that Tun Mahathir’s opinion is similar to Ahmadinejad’s – only expressed in different ways. Tun says that the “final solution” applied by the Nazis on the Jews was not complete. This is not a denial of the Holocaust, but comes close to Ahmadinejad’s opinion that the massacre of the Jews was not extensive enough to constitute a Holocaust. Whether this is a denial or not I leave it to you to decide. I suspect it is easier to call both fools in this case than to call Michael Moore a fool for his opinions on 9/11. 

At any case, it is strange that the Europeans enact laws to punish anyone accused of Holocaust denial since this occurs in one of the heartlands of liberalism. By having this law, it becomes an act punishable if one even dares to try and investigate whether this episode is true of not. It is as if the “truth” is barred in this special case. It is, as if, there is something that must never, never ever be known to hide. Banning Holocaust denial is the European version of Malaysia’s banning the word “Allah” for use by non-Muslims. 

Tun Mahathir is cunning enough to use these things to back up his claims. His successor (not immediate) is cunning enough to appoint expensive public relations consultants to control public opinion. Is this why some Malaysians continue to act like dumb cows being led by the nose by US media on the one side and Malaysian MSM on the other? 

The PR on the other hand is like a loose gaggle of amateurs shooting from the hips with undisciplined supporters and even ranking members shooting off their mouths. 

Here I must give my sympathies to Nizar in his battle to regain Malay trust and support after the episodes of undisciplined self-promoting people shooting off their mouths and trying to steal the show have eroded Malay sympathies for PAS. 

The gap between Malay support and Chinese support is still a big one. That is why strong dynamic leadership in the PR is of utmost necessity to try and close this gap. Otherwise it will be too easy for UMNO to continue to lever it more widely open by using such simple tactics as “Allah controversy”, “9/11 controversy”, “Holocaust controversy”, “beer controversy”, “TBH controversy”, “Khalid controversy”, “Anwar controversy” even “Beyoncé controversy”. 

When 2 different “owners” try to pull the dumb cow roughly in 2 different directions by the nose, it is not unusual for the dumb cow to feel pain and even get enraged. 

I hope by this write-up on conspiracy theories, I can persuade people not to pull too roughly in too insensitive ways in all sorts of different directions and it constitutes part of the demand for PR to get its act together and provide much needed leadership and organization.