Let’s See if PDRM and/or MACC got the balls to batch this loan shark (ah long)

I work for an engineering company and the company has got jobs but not enough money to execute them. So, my boss, after trying very hard to get some bank loans and failed had no choice but to borrow some money from a loan shark. This arsehole charges 13% per month and my boss struggles to pay salaries for us. I have not received my salary for the last 5 months but just trickles in at RM$200 or $300 to maintain myself and my family. This has been going on for a long time now. 

By Anti-loansharks

Now the loan shark sends thugs to threaten my boss to collect interest on a RM70,000.00 loan he has taken and my boss has repaid RM120,000.00 to this loan shark already. 

The mighty loan shark is Dato’ Veerapan A/L  Muthaiyah, NRIC No. xxxxxx-xx-xxxx, who lives in Bandar Baru Selayang, driving a car 1129, brags that he has paid RM50,000.00 for his Datoship and paid RM20,000.00 under the table to custom officers for his Mercedes S320 and got the car for a mere RM120,000.00 from the customs yard. ( I have lost all respect for the Sultan who for a mere RM50,000.00 has given this lorry driver a Datoship who has not done any good for anyone.) 

He even bravely says “go report if you want, we know how to handle the police”. This is how our beloved IGP has grown the loan sharks locally. This idiot from Johor, having had a transport business before has become Batu Caves Temple’s committee member and owns 3 shops inside the temple grounds under the name “Lucky Star Cash and Carry” and escapes taxation with flowery audit reports has become ruthless and merciless. (Batu Caves Temple’s regulation is that one can only have one shop lot inside the temple grounds which is gravely violated.) 

It is very simple to get this arsehole:

  1. Get a warrant to search his car, and get hold of the many different company cheques he holds.
  2. If he does not have any documents to prove he is doing business with these companies, why should he be holding their cheques? (He holds about 4 chequebooks from the company I work and am willing to testify to this.)
  3. He maintains 2 journals which has all the information of who he loans to and their phone numbers and how much he loaned etc. (One book he keeps in his house and another he carries in his car.) I am very sure many of them will be willing to testify against this loan shark who have been suffering to pay his 13% per month take.
  4. Lucky Star Cash and Carry maintains an account at RHB Bank Selayang and his personal savings and fixed deposits are maintained at HSBC Jalan Ipoh.
  5. It will be so easy for the PDM and/or MACC to check this and find out how much tax he pays.

Now with this information, lets see if the IGP has got the balls to get this arsehole or just have a cup of tea with him to collect his dues. For the IGP, the PDRM and MACC to earn their respects, lets see if they can get this guy. Or maybe they need an official complaint to open a file!!!??