Former Gerak head Mohd Nazree to join PKR

(Harakah Daily) – Former student leader Mohd Nazree Yunus is set to join PKR Youth and the official announcement is due to be made as early as Sunday, PKR insiders told Harakahdaily. Mohd Nazree took over the helm of Gerak or Integrity and Anti-Corruption Movement after former PKR Youth chief Ezam Mohd Noor defected to Umno in May 2008. He has since resigned from Gerak, sparking a swirl of speculation that he was about to make his entree into politics.

“His joining PKR is a decision by the Youth wing. They believe he can add value to the party and to the Pakatan family,” the PKR insider told Harakahdaily.

“It is hard to say if it is a good decision because there are some members who worry that he may cause trouble later on. However, he is being welcomed with an open mind and there are high hopes that he expand the reach of the Youth wing.”

A thing of the past

Of late, Gerak appears to have stood more on the side of the Umno-BN rather than the Pakatan Rakyat. A good example is the police report Mohd Nazree lodged against PKR Mentri Besar of Selangor Khalid Ibrahim.

The Gerak chief accused Khalid of abusing his powers by spending RM110,400 of state funds to buy 46 cows during the Hari Raya korban or sacrifice festival. The cattle was slaughtered and distributed to Khalid’s constituents in Bandar Tun Razak.

Despite the frivolous nature of the allegation, it stirred up heat for PKR as Selangor Umno leaders such as former MB Khir Toyo seized on the opportunity to discredit Khalid and his state administration.

Mohd Nazree was formerly the head of the Universiti Malaya Muslim Students Association.