Kit Siang wants Muhyiddin to address brain drain to Singapore

By Adip Zulkifli, The Malaysian Insider

DAP’s Lim Kit Siang today urged Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to address the problem of the country’s brain drain at an early stage, citing the high number of top scholars being enticed to go across the Causeway — as exemplified by the case of a Malaysian being Singapore’s top O-Level student this year.

“The question Muhyiddin must answer is, why go all the way to the United Kingdom to urge [for] the return of the ‘best brains’ while he is completely blind, unconcerned and insensitive to the loss of the ‘best brains’ to neighbouring Singapore, or the 300,000 Malaysians who emigrated since the last general election?” asked Lim in a statement.

The deputy prime minister was reported to have urged the “best brains” working abroad to return to Malaysia to help drive the country’s new economic model, at a dialogue with Malaysian students in London.

Lim said the government appeared to be insensitive over the report on the success of Malaysian Lai Kai Rou, 16, who emerged tops in the island republic, scoring 10 A1s in the recent O-Level examinations.

“The question Muhyiddin, who is also Chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Human Resources, should  address is why Malaysia continues to be helpless, unconcerned and even insensitive to the brain drain of the best and most talented young Malaysians to Singapore, right from the start of secondary education,” said Lim.

“Can the Cabinet Committee on Human Resources headed by Muhyiddin come out with a master plan to stop such a brain drain by not only ensuring that there is a quality education system in the country but that all talented Malaysians, regardless of race or religion, would be assured of equal opportunities both in education and employment, as well as full respect of the constitutional rights of all Malaysians?” he added.

He also said that addressing the brain drain issue should be made the Key Performance Index (KPI) and one of the National Key Results Area (NKRA) for the Education Ministry.