Inside the “mastermind” of church and temple attacks

By Pak Bui

Imagine you are the UMNO “mastermind” of the attacks on Christian churches and the Sikh temple.

Suppose you want to incite the Malays to rage. Suppose you wish to distract Malay voters from the vast amounts of money stolen from them, and future generations, through the PKFZ and other scams.

Perhaps you can see that Malays have become exposed to a greater breadth and depth of information, thanks to internet news portals, blogs, sms-es and the rise of a true alternative option in Pakatan.

You may have noticed that Pakatan governments in five states, for all their faults, ran smoothly and were far less corrupt than previous UMNO-dominated incarnations.

You note that MCA, Gerakan and MIC have been reduced to puny political midgets, and are absorbed in factional fighting.

You are shaken by loss after loss in by-elections to PKR and PAS. You are worried by cohesion shown by Pakatan Rakyat in coming up with an impressive Common Policy Framework, against tremendous odds.

The internet is drowning out your half-century-long, dreary, predictable, bigoted monologue in the mainstream media.

Your minions in Malaysia’s institutions, which you think are your institutions, have caused endless scandals.

Malaysians have been witnesses to deaths in custody of young, defenceless Malaysians like Teoh Beng Hock, 30, andKugan Ananthan, 22. UMNO servants have indulged their bloodlust in the savage beating of detainees like Adi Anwar Mansor, 23, and have turned Malays and non-Malays alike against the police and the MACC.

Jet engines have been stolen from the Ministry of Defence. This is your favourite ministry, long considered your cash cow, from which immense amounts of money can be carted away in the name of ‘national security’. Even the scraps given to an Abdul Razak Baginda for an arms deal can come up to RM530 million, plus change.

You can see UMNO’s dominance ebbing away. Your opportunity to print, steal, beg and borrow other people’s money is at threat.