Pakatan Rakyat proves its mettle during troubling times!

During troubling times such as these , we can really see who are the towering personalities and their capability to rule this Nation.

By Concerned Citizens

PAKATAN RAKYAT has been critisized and condemned when they make mistakes, but now is the time to give them praises when they deserve it.
Here is a situation that we see with roles reversed between PAS and its arch rivals. From extremist image Pas has now become the most tolerant and acceptable of all by assuring the nation on the reality of Allah.
This issue has been blwon out of proportion, for its not an issue of the Peninsula. It’s an issue that concerns Borneo. It shows the lack of understanding by the people of peninsular of the feelings and culture of Sabahan & Sarawakians. We can understand if the people do not understand the issue which is reflected by the masses and demonstrationa as well as internet forums. How about the mainstream Media & The Goverment of the day???
This is what happens when you ask the people to “Bangkit!” A provocation nevertheless to ask people by none other than the Editor himself, who spews venom and foams in each writing. How could it be that this famous Selamat Editor is unaware that this is a Borneo issue? After the churches have been burnt, he defends the act by further giving warning and sarcastically ridiculing the result of trying to use Allah in the peninsular.
But this is not the truth. All forums, media, websites and even the goverment is hiding the fact that this is a Borneo related issue. It affects them the most, as Peninsular Christians are the least concerned to use Allah in their prayers.
Regardless how the present goverment handles this issue, we Concerned Citizens are impressed by the behaviour and gentlemanly attitude by the Goverment in waiting, PAKATAN RAKYAT.
Karpal didnt ask PAS for a stance on Islamic state, Hadi & Nik Aziz unitedly quoted scriptures and opened up our minds, Anwar’s Press Conference came at the right time, to soothe the hearts of those who were hurt, DAP didnt go at PAS’ throat as the English mainstream media was hoping after harping on it for 11 years, PAS MPs came out tops in their outlook of moderate moslems who are towering leaders of this nation! PKR MPs except one came out embracing the public opinion even though they might be scorned and ridiculed. None of them took the populist view even though they may lose Millions of votes from the moslems. They did what is right.
We can’t say that regarding BN parties though. MCA is doing a funny kow tow act, Sabah & Sarawak parties are hoping nobody asks their opinion, Gerakan Numero Uno leader follows the PM everywhere hoping it counts and MIC is doing … whatever that MIC is doing, while PPP just had another internal fight!
Kudos Pakatan Rakyat, You are Truly the goverment in waiting!!!