We should be much obliged if you would allow us a little space in your paper to draw attention of your readers to a series of articles that hit the mainstream media and blogs which has increasingly harmed the reputation of our company.

We would like call upon all parties to put a stop to a series of malicious articles that hits the mainstream media and blogs for the past few weeks.  YB Dr Wee Ka Siong was the founder and former principal consultant of the company but has sold down his controlling stake (majority shares) and relinquished his director post in the company since his appointment as a Deputy Minister in 2008.

These articles are totally baseless and amounting to name smearing campaign intending to detract from Dr Wee’s professional as well as political achievements. In view of the timing of this foray to his good name and the current MCA leadership crisis, the neutrality of these articles is disputable.

Our company was commissioned by Wijaya Baru Sdn Bhd in 2005 to be the lead consultant in a project entitled “Port Development at Mukim Jugra Selangor – market study and conceptual design”.

Our task was to provide leadership in scope of works and coordination of 4 other competent consultant firms who are proficient in areas of shipping logistics, transhipment, environmental impact and port engineering.   It explored the feasibility of future shipping requirement, strategic port development and engineering, and preliminary environmental impact study of such related development.  It was preliminary in nature and would entail further detailed study to provide a master framework for advanced development.  If adopted and in good economy situation, it could made Port Klang a truly regional hub of distribution, transhipment and procurement centre for the Asean region and beyond.  It was a far cry from the infamous PKFZ, a physical developmental project of commercial and industrial free zone consisting of industrial factories, office buildings, exhibition centres and business hotel.

The conceptual report has got nothing to do with the physical PKFZ.  Neither PKFZ was included in the study nor any future expansion of it.  In fact the name PKFZ was not even mentioned in it.  The linking of our company to the fiasco of PKFZ and the implied ‘sweet and fragrant’ benefit which was to be derived from the PKFZ development is completely misguided, as some have ill-intentionally put it across.  This is scandalous in itself and the message that was to be conveyed through these gossipy articles is highly irresponsible.

We have been in the consultancy business for many years. Our clients range from one-man developer to multi-national company.  It is not uncommon for us to do proposed development studies for contractor or developer to land owner to realise the full potential of a piece of land.  It is a common practice in the industry to be reimbursed only for related disbursement charges rather than a full fee when a project does not take off.

We pride ourselves to always act professionally and hold on to the motto of “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay”.   When we are not entitled to a full fee charge, it therefore does not mean we are in any collusion for a wrongdoing with anybody whatsoever.

By the same analogy, it also does not mean if any of our clients is at legal dispute in a court of law at any point in time, we the consultant ought to be viewed in the same cohort. 

We appeal to the public to uphold fairness and stand aloof to such scandalous and conspiratorial act of defamation against our company.  We sincerely appeal to all to put a stop to this irresponsible fabrication, failing which we have no choice but to resort to legal action.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Ir Dr Wong Woon Ping,
Managing Director,
Hijau Sekitar Sdn Bhd