May God bless us all … in our struggle for justice and freedom

In the midst of political turmoil, whatever you do that threatens the power in hand will be considered a threat … even if you are doing the right things.

By avancc

While the country is already suffering from a financial crisis, the people in the corridors of power continue to discriminate the country’s wealth and power. They use every means within their reach to stay afloat, regardless of other countrymen, neglecting the people’s needs and sufferings.

Now, they are using the last resort – Religion, the strongest power they can reach.

The streets became unsafe when groups of unknown people (funny thing that the government didn’t even bother to want to investigate) burnt churches to protest against the using of the term “Allah”.

While the government had always forbade demonstrations, this time around, they surprisingly agreed to the protest. And the minister and prime minister had mentioned that unless things turned serious, they wouldn’t stop protesters ….

Well, the statement already showed biased treatment. What makes it worse is …

THE EVENT TURNED SERIOUS with the burning of 4 churches (as the police confirmed). And the Home Minister claimed that he will take this seriously … meaning, he has confirmed it is serious.

The situation got worse when the Prime Minister himself declared that he is powerless against it …. Proclaiming his incapability to govern the country.

Well, if they had taken the matter seriously in the first place, it wouldn’t have happened this way. Now that it happened, how can the Prime Minister be so irresponsible as saying that he is “POWERLESS”.

Are they trying to create an emergency state to topple the Selangor state government? For it is interesting that the burnt churches are only localized in the Klang Valley.

Christians all over the country began to question … what should we do? Just wait and/or run?

Well … as far as I know … they can’t declare a state of emergency unless there is an uncontrollable clash … and a clash happens if there are two or more groups fighting each other.

For example … will the culprit of the burning of churches be brought to justice? Will there ever be an investigation??

Then … they might also get people to pretend to be Christians and start invoking people’s anger. When a fight begins (as what they wish), that person will be the first one to disappear … and thus the victims of the fight will again be the ones caught and prosecuted.

All kind of possibilities could happen ….

So … demonstrations over the matter will be out of the question. Public outcry will not be heard. If you fight, they’ll take it as an excuse to take over the state government. Even if you don’t fight, they’ll get people to create havoc, to trigger tension.

I would instead suggest the following:

1)      Keep cool, and take your cameras with you all the time. Record down any suspicious people who start invoking people’s anger. It may be helpful. And police treatment over the matter will also be clearly shown if there is any.

2)      State government, start a petition (no matter how useless it may be); and get signatures all over the country to request the YDA (As Ketua Agama Negara) to step in to stop this.

3)      Churches and Muslim leaders who don’t support the protest, get your contact to pastors, Imams, and religious leaders all around the world. Interview them about what’s “Allah”, etc. Record and post in Youtube.

4)      Get radio stations and TV stations (whichever available although they are mostly controlled) to cover the interviews. And programs about the right religious teachings.

5)      Flood the Home Minister’s, Prime Minister’s and YDA office with letters from people all over the country. Write to them as they seem to be blind to articles on the Net. Show them the concerns of the rakyat, and the severity of the issue.

6)      Flood their phone with calls to interview the Prime Minister and Home Minister (I bet it’ll be difficult to reach them) … get their statements … and post to youtube if national TV refuses to cover it.

7)      If they refuse to tackle it, and claim that people should not speculate or be involved, that they should leave it to the police, then bombard them with questions on why the same thing wasn’t told to the protesters?

8)      Continue to question them on what “intimidation”, or “speculation” has the public done by doing the above? We are merely asking the ministers and Prime Minister (who claim they are powerless) to do their work. Since they are powerless, we are giving suggestions. What crime is that??

9)      If they shove it away, it means they do not want to perform their jobs as ministers/Prime Minister. I wonder if that, plus his declaration that he is “powerless” qualify as a criteria to indicate that he isn’t capable of performing a minister/Prime Minister’s post. Will that become a vote of no confidence against him?

By the way … when Pak Lah was not performing well as the PM, someone made so much noise behind his back, and threatened to leave the party (which he eventually did). Now this PM isn’t performing his duties as a PM too … why not that someone begin bombarding him too? And threaten to leave the party too???

To all God believers … be calm, and tackle the issue in a peaceful way … for a slight retaliation will be used as an excuse to create havoc. God will be with the righteous … God will stand by you and me … God watches us all … And Light will always dispel darkness.

May God bless us all … in our struggle for justice and freedom.