Candle Vigil to Protest against State Sponsored Arson

Hindraf condemns the recent torching of the churches in Malaysia by the incitement of the politically motivated UMNO led government.

By P. Waythamoorthy (Chairman, Hindraf)

There is nothing beyond an iota of doubt topped up with a tacit blessing by the PM in stating that those UMNO sponsored NGOs should proceed and stage their protest against the High Court judgment that led to the torching of the churches. Whatever UMNO may say now, it is clear from the happenings of the previous several days, that there were signals of encouragement both subtle and overt by various UMNO leaders.

In the current scenario, the High Court judgement is being exploited by the UMNO led government in their state sponsored arson action hoping to create unrest amongst the public by fanning the religious issues to strengthen their withering support from the public through fear and intimidation.

Besides these bombings, the utterances of the Muslim zealots after the Friday prayers on the 8th of January 2009 are very threatening and seditious. The UMNO Government should prosecute those involved for sedition. Freedom of religion as guaranteed in the constitution continues to be a pie in the sky.

Nonetheless, the UMNO led government fails to realize that the public is much more matured and in tune with the current state of the country and can therefore see the failure and double standard that is being conducted by the current administration.

To express our serious concern and in solidarity with our Christian Malaysians, HINDRAF is organizing a candlelight vigil in protest of the violent arson attack against the churches. All peace loving and democratic minded Malaysian brothers and sisters are invited to join us to express our concerns on the deteriorating Freedom of Religion and Minority Rights situation in the country and for us all in one voice to let it be known that these violent and criminal acts must be dealt with in the strongest of terms by the Government.

Date :       13th  January 2010.

Time :       8.00pm

Location:  Entrance (Outside) Assumption Church

               Jalan Templer next to Assunta Hospital.

Those  Malaysians who are keen to join hands with us in this peaceful vigil, please contact our National Information coordinator S.Jayathas  at 012-6362287.

Thank you