Day 6 (January 7) of Rosli Dahlan’s Trial: Is there something amiss?


Din Merican

After tempers flared, exchanges of caustic remarks and countless objections and intra-submissions yesterday, things toned down in the court room today, the 6th and last day of the trial of Rosli Dahlan.

DPP Zulqarnain Hassan had earlier on re-stated the Prosecution’s case that neither Dato’ Ramli nor Rosli Dahlan has been charged for corruption. Both the DPP and his witness, PW2 Kevin Anthony Morais, had openly declared that Rosli was a witness, and not a suspect. Rosli  was charged for not complying with the terms of DPP Kevin Morais’ notice issued under s.32(1)(b) of the Act. Therefore, as the Prosecution’s logic goes, Rosli’s allegation of mala fide and conspiracy is irrelevant.

One wonders than why, in Allah’s name, since Rosli was a witness, did the MACC not interview him nicely or asked for his cooperation. Why did the MACC abuse, arrest and charge him if they need his co-operation? Why did the MACC conspire with the mainstream media to widely publicise that Rosli was arrested and charged for hiding assets worth RM27million? Why after doing all that, then on the first day of Rosli’s Trial, the MACC meekly admitted that Rosli was just a witness? Is there something amiss?

After two days of startling revelations, there was no evidence of Dato’ Ramli being implicated in any corruption. After it was shown there were several “cover reports” to hide the true hands behind the conspiracy, and yet none of these cover reports implicated Dato’ Ramli. After it was shown that the informant, Moo Sai Chin of the underworld, was a felonl who was released prematurely from detention under the Emergency Ordinance and the Restricted Residence Enactment, and thereafter he purportedly gave a “covert statement” to implicate Dato’ Ramli, yet lodged no report against Dato’ Ramli.