Then I prefer to be a bottom ranking grunt on the ground

In any military organisation, even the fly by night terrorist in the mountain ones, the grunts are suppose to follow orders, not give them.

By Lee Wee Tak

This is interesting………..

Jet engine theft: AG clears top brass

Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail told a press conference today that initial investigations revealed only “rank-and-file” RMAF personnel were behind the disappearance of the two jet engines worth a total of RM100 million — a case that has embarrassed the air force.
He however did not disclose the number of personnel responsible for the theft of the engines that reportedly went missing when it was sent for maintenance and were taken to Uruguay via Argentina.

No senior officers are involved…only by those who can be described as ‘rank and file. We will be taking the next course of action (against them) in the very near future,” said Abdul Gani. He declined to say when prosecution will take place.


The lack of information is puzzling. If the AG is so sure only low level grunts (a slang for infantrymen used in the American Vietnam War, here I sorta borrow it as it sounds nicer than rank and file) why not disclose the number of them involved?

And if the AG is so sure only low level grunts are involved, why not just get the trial over as soon as it can and fix a date?

Just what is so complicated about this?

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