My Comments On Article “Singapore is more like Zimbabwe than Malaysia ever is under the PAP”

Why should I feel repressed and have a need to speak up when my very basic needs in life are already taken care of?

By JustNosey

First and foremost, let me say I have been reading from this site and it has always been a very interesting forum on information about Malaysia. I am not a member of MT and as a Singaporean, I just did not think it was necessary to be one since this is another country’s home affairs. I am interested in the Malaysian political scene simply because

1) I have a big extended family/friends in KL that I visit very frequently
2) I like to read how some politicians in Malaysia love to use Singapore as a diversion on what they are doing and comparing the 2 countries often in a negative light or have petty fights over who owns Bak Kut Teh (or should I now say Halal Bak Kut Teh?).

There is never a shortage of circus fun without actually attending the circus.

On the article “Singapore is more like Zimbabwe than Malaysia ever is under the PAP“, I felt there was a need to really comment on this as I felt in many ways, the article is not echoing the true thoughts of the citizens of Singapore or at least myself and my circle of friends. I have nothing against having oppositions in my country and in fact welcome them but that is provided that they make constructive comments and suggestions instead of behaving like some monkeys on CNN and proclaiming that his words are that of Singaporeans. If this particular monkey ever had the guts to poll his popularity, he would probably end up with 99% for and 1% against. 99% for burying him. Why would I not vote for them? They bring monkeys who are not educated, who speak senselessly into the scene. Can I trust such people with my family and country’s future? You decide.

The claim of repression of the political scene may be true but times are changing and we can feel that. The style of working between the 2 Lees are changing and we know under the leadership of the junior, freedom of speech is slowly but certainly being opened up. Times are changing and I am sure that the Lees know that if they continue to work under the style 40 years ago, they will face a political tsunami …. not now but in time to come. But the fact remains that Singaporeans, whether they are shaped to be or they simple cannot be bothered to speak up is also true and there are reasons for it.

If we look at the many surrounding countries, just do not look far. How many countries

1) is a clean country?
2) has almost clean government officials and civil servants?
3) has education, public transportation, health care and public housing given to citizens?
4) has rebates and job security during an economic crisis?
5) has a community that you can feel safe to walk the streets at 3am without being mugged? (If you got mugged, you are really down on luck!)

As a parent myself, what do I see as most important for my family?

1) I have a job that keeps my family stable and well fed
2) I give a roof over my family and they need not worry about being on a wait list to see a doctor
3) My children can go to government schools and be assured they are educated well
4) Safety of my family is not a concern because the streets are safe

The above is what PAP has recognised as the way they have to take care of the citizens and has provided for us. What is there for me to say or complain? Why should I feel repressed and have a need to speak up when my very basic needs in life are already taken care of? So unless you are a citizen of this country, let’s not talk about repression from a certain family or party because in the first place, there is probably nothing much we want to shout to the world about how crappy our government is. At least there is no lost jet engines or JPJ pulling my car in for not paying Singapore road tax (which I did) and our leaders (we do not have sultans) are not going to another country, staying in a royal hospital room with 2 women pushed into his room for 2 hours and having the Sultan’s wife making a police report and making a mockery of the royal family ABROAD!

Last but not least, in some comments on Singaporeans leaving the country for Aussieland, Singaporeans are not leaving solely because they have to be in national service. We used up 2.5 years of our youth in the army and we hated it. But as we grew, we realised its importance too and how it has actually matured the men in Singapore. People leave for many other reasons like opportunities etc so please stop thinking its always national service. With so many people without brains on TOP and wanting to bomb everyone in this region, how can we not have national service? I will be the first to report back to camp in times of war. It is always safer to have guns in wars and be well fed.

These are my personal thoughts. I know my circle of friends share it because we talk about it. But I certainly ain’t speaking for ALL Singaporeans like some clowns on CNN.