Stop the Daylight Robberies in Malaysian Households

The compulsory billing to households in Malaysia by Indah Water Consortium, the so-called sanitary disposal services of household wastes, is indeed the most ridiculous daylight robberies that exist in this county.


By Bullied by Daylight Robbers

Firstly, this so-called service has never been provided to households till today. I have been the owner of my house in Petaling Jaya for the last ten years and never have I ever seen any such service provided to my household. Let me make it clear here. By right nobody, and I mean nobody, not the Prime Minister, nor the police nor the Agong nor the Judiciary, has the right to compel any household to pay for a service that has not been provided to the household. When I say household, I mean the rights to the home. What anybody does outside our home is not our business and they are free to do what they want as long as they are not a threat to a household’s safety and security.


Yet, a so-called company by the name of Indah Water has been billing households a monthly bill of RM50.00 which they are not entitled to do so. Are households provided with a service which they have utilized, or received or by which they have enjoyed this service? If human faeces is a precious commodity then it is their right to decide what should be done with this precious commodity. Who gave anybody the right to utilize our faeces and make a business out of it without our permission? Who gave anybody the right to make a commercial enterprise of our own faeces and then send a bill to our homes without our permission? May I know who is this idiot who allow these thieves to capitalize on our faeces and in turn send monthly payment bills to our households without even our permission?


This is unlawful and daylight robbery!!


Will our state government put a stop to this immediately? Will our Prime Minister put a stop to this most outrageous and cunning businessmen out of our privacy and stop this illegal plunderers of our money?


If there is anyone out there who wants to condone these daylight robbers then let them do so but not those who do not give their consent to do so.


Can anyone drop a bill of payment into our letter boxes and say they have cleaned the roads and therefore  the households are forced to pay? Can anyone say they have planted some flowers on the road side and therefore the households must be forced to pay? Can anyone say they have installed some playthings at the playground and therefore the households must be forced to pay? Can anyone say they have sprayed some insecticide into the drains in front of our houses and therefore our households must be forced to pay? Can any policeman simply stop by our front gates and demand that a payment must be paid simply because someone has demanded for money?


Does our government allow these despicable conniving gangsters to extort money from innocent and helpless households? This is sheer extortion and is a crime and immediate action must be taken against these criminals. The billings imposed by Indah Water Consortium on households is a replica of these criminal gangsters who are looting households for services not provided to households.


May I know who is the grand idiot who masterminded this daylight conniving robbery and with sleight of hands forced millions and millions of Malaysian consumers to pay without their permission or consent? Now the shameless conniving thieves have amassed a fortune and now even have the nerve and audacity to drag consumers who refuse to be a part of this criminal activity to court hoping the fear-struck consumers would pay up so as to further increase their fortune.


My question here to the BN government is this. What is the service they have provided to the households that warrants a payment? Yes, water, electricity, telephone, internets are provided right into the homes and it is fair to demand for payment failing which the services would be terminated. Yet in the Indah Water billing there are no such services provided and therefore this compulsory billing ought not to have been allowed by the law. Any consumer who refuses to pay should have their services terminated. However, in the case of Indah Water, there is no such termination of services but forced and compelled billings failing which they are threatened by court action.


The logic here is simple and plain. There are no termination of services simply because there is no service provided to households. Can people in the government understand this? Are our courts being used as bill collectors for a non-existent service? Can someone explain this ridiculous situation to consumers in Malaysia? Our State Governments must take firm action and stop these mafia operators from terrorizing our citizens in this state.


But our Federal Government must also take immediate action to stop these bandits and thieves who terrorize and bully us. Ordinary citizens are being bullied by these silent criminals who feed on the silent and helpless citizens. No household has received any service into the house as far as waste disposal is concerned and therefore this must be stopped immediately before a host of other criminals come up with new sounding thievery programs to milk and extort the innocent and helpless citizens of their hard earned money. What is even more disgusting is that there are some lawyers who have the nerve and the illogical minds to even send out demand letters for these non-existent household services to helpless citizens.


Will the Government of the day please step forward and put a stop to this daylight robbery?