Officer And Men Sacked Before Engines Loss Discovered

Bernama — A brigadier-general and several other personnel were sacked before the loss of the two F-5E aircraft engines was discovered.

The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF)’s public relations office in a statement yesterday said the actions taken were more related to inefficiency and work performance and were normal measures implemented to prevent repetition of undesirable matters.

“With this statement, the RMAF hopes that quarters will not speculate and make assumptions that are in conflict with the facts to avoid confusion.

“The RMAF is always aware of a asset management and operation system to ensure the preparedness of the RMAF is highest at all times,” the statement said.

On the case regarding the loss of the engines as reported in the media recently, the statement said it was handed over to the police for further investigation.

“The RMAF understands that the case is being studied and awaiting instructions from the Attorney-General for further action,” the statement said.

The statement said as such the RMAF will not make any statement that can disturb investigation and prosecution and hoped all quarters would wait for feedback from the Attorney-General’s Chambers before making any statements.

The RMAF began operating the F-5E in 1974. In 1999, the air force made a decision to terminate the aircraft’s services and its role as a frontline fighter jet was taken over by the MiG-29N and F/A-18D.

However in 2003 the aircraft, then aged 29 years in the RMAF inventory, was re-activated as a training and reconnaissance aircraft to meet current needs.