Malaysian Government Pays You Cash To Stay At Home

Please quit your private sector job today. You no longer need to work for money. The government is giving free monthly handouts of cold hard cash.

By Simon Templar

Yes. This is Malaysia. Everything is possible. Previously, to receive this free handout, you needed to sign an employment letter with the Government of Malaysia and appear at the office, sometimes. With the introduction of the Works Ministry’s work-from-home scheme, you need not even appear at the office!

Brilliant. Previously, government officers had to bore themselves at the office because 10 people had to do the work of 1. Many such officers had resorted to money wasting teh tariks. The thrifty ones just had to made do with gossips and Drama Minggu Ini debates. All in the name of being in the office.

Now you can watch TV at home, look after your 7 kids at home, iron your clothes at home, wake up at 10 am, or even catch the late morning screening of Avatar at the cinema nearest to your home. All these during office hours and the government will still pay you.

And best of all, no need to go through jams to and fro work. No need to spend 3 to 4 hours in the traffic jams or public transports. Leave that to the private sector idiots.

What a way of life! Excellent for government officers.

Not for us private sector dummies though.

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