Finally revealed – secret PKFZ documents that will net the Big Fish (UPDATED with Chinese Translation)

Pop quiz: Who is the Big Fish the Attorney-General promised he will drag to court over the PKFZ fiasco? Those who think pictures of Tiong King Sing, Chan Kong Choi and Ling Liong Sik in handcuffs will grace the front pages of newspapers might as well wish for full-frontal nudity in Malaysian mainstream media. Everyone knows they are Political Untouchables.


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Besides, if the AG had wanted to, these big-time sharks would have been charged together with ikan bilis like OC Phang and others whose names you cannot even remember. The thing is, the AG is not so silly as to raise public expectations about netting a Big Fish ( without actually doing it. That would be politically-suicidal. Very few people know that the A-G’s Chambers is now working overtime to build a case against a senior BN leader following the recent emergence of some damning documents.

The first series of the said documents was deposited at the AG’s Office in Precint 4, Putrajaya, on a Sunday morning by a Bangladeshi worker who thought no one was in the office (the staff were then rushing through the GST bill). The 2-volume documents implicate a man, whose involvement in the RM12 billion fiasco was only spoken in hushed tones before this, due to lack of evidence. But now, documented evidence has started to surface about the involvement of Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong in the PKFZ mess.

The latest daming documents show that Hijau Sekitar Sdn Bhd (240539-X) did consultancy work for Wijaya Baru Sdn Bhd (205953-X) on “the feasibility of a new port facility on reclaimed land at the mouth of Selat Lumut in Port Klang” in 2006. Hijau Sekitar, established in 1992, is owned by WKS, who has 49,998 shares. The remaining shareholders are one Lim Kit Siong (50,001 shares) and Wong Woon Ping (1 share). Wijaya Baru, as we all know, is the parent company of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd, the turnkey contractor which made PKFZ its own goldmine. (Please refer to the documents, including a company search).

Here’s the background and some lowdown: Back when PKFZ was starting to take shape and when no one could ever imagine it would become the biggest financial scandal in Malaysian history, two prominent businessmen wanted to make some quick bucks. Westport boss Tan Sri G. Gnanalingam and Tiong King Sing each bought a piece of land adjacent to PKFZ, a project modelled after the highly-rated Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Being privy to the information about the massive infrastructural developments that would take shape in next door PKFZ, the duo had wanted to piggy-back on what they then thought would be a foundry for golden eggs-laying geese. The duo was aided and abetted by WKS through his little-known consulting firm, Hijau Sekitar, which headed four other consulting firms.

Had PKFZ succeeded, the port facilities would have been leased to the Port Klang Authority on a long-term basis for a price more handsome than the love-struck Bung Mukhtar. And let’s not forget the windfall from price appreciation of the two plots once PKFZ was in full-swing. Tiong King Sing and WKS would have made billionaire golfer Tiger Woods (who was recently Chua Soi Lek-ed) look like a pauper.

In other words, WKS, through his buddy TKS, wanted to have a second milking of the cash cow (the first being PKFZ proper). It was a plan so well thought out, the duo could have just carted away in broad daylight whole military aircrafts, not just its engine parts like how some corrupt Mindef officials did. Credit must be given to Mastermind Wee (as lead consultant) for a plan so ingenious, it could only have been inspired by sheer greed.

Alas, Ong Tee Keat messed up their Grand Design by opening the can of worms that is the PKFZ. Now, not only are the crooks not getting the second bite of the cherry, they are going to need to bite the bullet. The A-G’s Chambers and the MACC are now poring through 7 boxes of documents seized from Port Klang Authority’s office on Dec 4 to determine the extent of which WKS breached the Official Secrets Act by acting on classified information. Highly-placed sources said WKS will also be charged for economic plunder and grand larceny in the first two weeks of 2010.

But legal problems aside, the political fallout for the MCA Youth chairman following the surfacing of such documents would even be greater. The documents clearly show that WKS is closely linked to Tiong King Sing, who is gunning for Ong Tee Keat over the PKFZ issue. His denial of links with Tiong ( is now proven to be a blatant lie.

It shows why WKS is so impatient to topple the MCA president, when it was clear as daylight that the Youth Chief himself, given his credentials, was president-in-waiting. Even WKS’s own aide in the Education Ministry used to be a staff of Wijaya Baru and was collecting a salary from Tiong. WKS was also the one who laid the trap for Ong Tee Keat to board Tiong’s private jet and then leaked the details in the Internet. (More of WKS’s lowdown here: ttp://

But crybaby WKS underestimated those who abhor traitors and the reach of closet whistleblowers who can’t stand hypocrites and plunderers. The documents below are only the first batch. More will be released in due time. By then, Liow Tiong Lai’s wife run-in with the MACC over the Toyota Alphard scandal will look like a noble deed.









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