Zaid Ibrahim Should Look at The Implementation Roadmap Rather Than Putrajaya

Khoo Kay Peng

“The rakyat are tired of racial politics, they are tired of being fooled..I assure you, after this, we will hold our next convention in Putrajaya.” Zaid, the former de facto Umno Law Minister, said today’s convention was testament to PR’s will to put aside their almost irreconcilable differences to serve the voters by replacing what he called a corrupt BN government.

“We were told that we cannot stay together, the supreme leader of Umno, (former premier) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said if we are allowed to govern, everything will be destroyed.

“Of course everything will be destroyed, everything about Umno will be destroyed,” he said.

Well said, Zaid. However, instead of looking so far at Putrajaya he should focus on the implementation roadmap of Pakatan’s common platform. There are many crucial tasks in hand.

Most of the Pakatan’s pledges are not something which can be achieved now. The catch is if we want these pledges implemented, we must vote Pakatan to power at the federal level. Ironically, DAP which supported the local council election and vowed to convince PAS over its sectarian concern is now saying that only the federal government can approve the third vote.

Parties within the coalition still need to put their own house in order before they are deemed fit for power. Errant and irresponsible elected representatives and leaders among their ranks will have to be purged out. We must vote for quality representation and not for their low quality candidates.