RYReps: BN’s Government Transformation Plan (GTP) vs. PR’s Joint Statement of Policy (JSP)

RYReps strives to be impartial when commenting on our Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat MPs’/ ADUNs’ actions or inaction. However, RYReps realized that everyone of us are aligned to either the Government or Opposition. Therefore, I hope to have both BN and PR supporters’ views on this blog so that RYReps readers will be able to get a more balanced view on the current political scenario from reading this blog.

By Rate your REPS

Policy introduced and durations policy prepared
BN: Najib’s Government Transformation Plan (GTP); developmental plans with specific targets; 8 months (since appointed PM on 3rd April 2009)
PR: Joint Statement of Policy, a common policy framework to guide the three parties to speak with one voice; 1 year 9 months (since 12th GE on 8 March 2008)

RYReps: Thinking back, deadwood Koh Tsu Koon wasn’t that slow after all. I guessed PR wasn’t planning to produce any joint policy if not for the constant attack from BN. Anyway, to be able to iron out fundamental issues in JSP despite vast differences is commendable and showed that tolerance was the way forward, not racism or by using threats on other races.

BN: One of the NKRA aims is to upgrade low income household. Good news, economy is improving under BN.
PR: Unveils ‘People Economy’ (read more) and outlining 10 strategic points to achieve long-term equitable growth.

RYReps: Under BN, there’s nothing to worry about. Money can be obtained anytime from Petronas, EPF or the rakyat, via GST. BTW, the NKRA mentioned isn’t holistic enough though for Malaysian because majority are now in middle class. And for PR’s People Economy, talk is cheap. Prove to us how it’s implemented in the 4 states that you’re administering.

BN: No discussion, no compromise. Can you see my keris?
PR: Royal commission (read more), again! Can’t we just solve problems by compromising?
RYReps: Anyway, it’s better to solve problems via consultation than threats of unrest, confisticating religious books or banning other from using certain words.

Execution of policy
BN: Not started yet but in the hands of MVP Idris Jala (not deadwood Koh Tsu Koon), Najib’s GTP might stand a chance to succeed.
PR: Not started also, just talk only.
RYReps: BN’s labs (sounds sexy!) already produced a lot of information that points to where problems lie and how to tackle it. With BN’s poor track record on implementation and complicated with corruptions and political godfathers, Idris Jala will face huge challeges. I wish him all the best. 12 months time frame? Ai, rakyat is impatience! For PR, are you waiting to win over Malaysian in the next GE before you execute your policy? PR already have 4 states and should execute most of the policies that they mentioned in JSP. Show us PR is capable and we’ll think about voting for PR in the next election.

BN: Kudos for making it as one of the NKRAs,
PR: Not mentioned.
RYReps: Malaysian feels insecure and afraid nowadays because crimes are happening everywhere. Malaysian hopes that the police will spend more time catching criminals instead of catching peaceful demonstrator, people wearing black or harassing common folks to ‘cari makan’. The root of the problems must be confronted such as tackling drug menace and providing more educations and job opportunities. There’s only so many criminals that you can apprehend and put behind bars. One more thing, the government should implement recommendations from Royal Commission to improve our police force.

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