Malaysian Insider’s LESLIE LAU on the 1st Pakatan Rakyat National Convention!

2009 is nearing an end, yet some things are only just beginning. On 19th December Malaysians will see Pakatan Rakyat hold its first national convention to put forth a common platform that will determine the future of this young (and sometimes wobbly) coalition. Will this be a seminal moment for Malaysian politics? Or will the Malaysian electorate be given more opportunities for heartbreak?

By Mark Teh (PopTeeVee)

Also, as we end the ‘noughties’, what important milestones have marked the Malaysian socio-political landscape? How has this past decade changed us, if indeed we’ve changed?

This week, we catch up with Leslie Lau to get the inside scoop on these matters and more.  Watch the episode here:

Leslie Lau is a consultant editor for online news site The Malaysian Insider.