Wanted: A compliant Indian for the job of party president

(The Malaysian Insider) KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 16 — The post of president of a newly formed and officially recognised political party is vacant and on offer to any individual qualified to head and lead the party, according to key members of the party who are offering the post to various individuals.

Some individuals see the offer as a unique opportunity to join the exclusive “president’s club” and rub shoulders with the country’s political elite and especially to get to know Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

They also see the post as an opportunity to move up the business ladder.

Others however are shying away after being told the prerequisites that come with the post.

Although nominally multi-racial, only Indians are offered the post. Experience is unnecessary but the candidate must have roots in the Hindraf movement.

Other requirements include one that the successful candidate as president must follow the advice of the party’s deputy president. He must also be pro-Barisan Nasional (BN) but also appear to be standing up to Umno.

He must not hog the limelight but share the stage with the deputy president and his supporters especially during party functions like when garlanding Najib and his wife.

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