Parliament drama on Monday is testament why Perak Sultan acted unconstitutionally

We all read with amazement the drama in Parliament on Monday when Barisan Nasional government’s Budget 2010 was saved by wafer-thin majority.

By Air Kosong

Many BN MPs didn’t bother to turn up to vote for their government, almost creating an embarrassing opportunity for the Opposition to defeat its bill.

However, the significance of the event is the manifestation of our parliamentary democratic system. We all know that Malaysia is supposed to have a functioning parliament and all bills of law must pass through the floor by way of a vote to be enacted and formalised.

Because of that, the Budget 2010 bill concerned still had to pass through the formal vote, despite the fact that BN enjoys a clear majority in the House. No bills are passed by way of ‘assumed majority’, bypassing a vote on the floor. Similarly, even if the Budget 2010 were defeated due to the many absent BN MPs, it would not bring down the government of the day.

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