Death at MACC: My CSI XII – Why suicide theory is out of the window?

By Dr. Rafick

1. Over the last few days, the lawyers grilled the doctors during the inquest. The two doctors despite having contradicted themselves stand by their view that TBH actually jumped out of the 14th floor. For the first time today, I asked ordinary people who read papers at the stall where I had my breakfast regularly. Out of the many people that I talked to (4 Malays, 3 Chinese and 1 Indian), no one think it is suicide. The Malay taxi driver that spoke to me today also think that it is impossible. Then why are these two doctors claiming that TBH had committed suicide?

2. Some people who read my blog commented negatively about the two doctors and raised the possibility that they have not acted professionally in their course of work. I do not wish to argue their decisions and the basis of their decisions. I think it is between them and Allah (or in the case of Dr Prashant, Lord Muruga or Lord Ganesh)

3. I would like to explain their reasoning on why they came to such a conclusion. Their argument is strongly based on the fact that there was no evidence of struggle or defensive injuries. Their decisions was also supported by what was told to them by the police i.e. that there was no evidence to support a struggle in the office.

4. This argument can easily be debunked. Firstly lack of evidence to suggest a struggle or any defensive injury alone is not enough to come to the conclusion that TBH had committed suicide. There are many instances that a man would not have those signs of injuries or struggle. Among others, this would include that he was mentally intimidated, underfed, tired, exhausted physically and mentally, demoralized, psychologically pressured or he was accidentally injured while being interrogated. There is a long list that contributes to it but I think, what I have put here is sufficient for now.

5. It is sad that the doctors had not taken into consideration of these factors as well as the lawyers did not explore it into great detail during their questioning sessions. From the inquest there is more evidence to suggest that he did not die from suicide. Allow me to explain why I said so.

6. If everyone remembers, during Dato Shukri of MACC press conference that was held immediately after the body was found, he said that Teoh was released at 0345 am on the 16th July 2009. It does not make sense for someone to hang around such an office after a long interrogation period since 500pm the day before. MACC office is not exactly The Shangri-la .He would have wanted to leave.

7. He was about to register his marriage. His fiancé had an unborn child. It was reported that he showed no abnormal behavior in the last few days and hours prior to being questioned by MACC. In other words, he was his normal self. There was no pressure for him to commit suicide. In other words there is no motif.

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