Shafie: What has opposition done for Malays and Islam?

(Bernama) – Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal today said the Malays should honestly ask themselves what the opposition has done for the advancement of the Malays and Islam in the country?

By answering this question, he said the Malays would realise that none of the opposition parties, whether PAS or Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), was capable of defending the sovereignty of the race, religion and country.

"PAS, for example, has been ruling Kelantan for 16 years. What has happened to the Malays? They are mostly the poorest.

"Development projects? These are all implemented by the federal government. Roads? Built by the federal government. Schools? By the federal government. Mosques? Also by the federal government. So, what have they (PAS) done?" he asked when opening the Rompin Umno divisional delegates' meeting here today.

Mohd Shafie said the same happened in Selangor.

"Before the opposition took over the state, they (PAS candidates) were eager to implement hudud law. Is there hudud law in Selangor now?"

He said the Malays should also honestly ponder over PAS's willingness to compromise with the DAP to the extent of allowing its leaders to insult Islam, and to question Malay rights and the sovereignty of the Malay Rulers.

"Is this the party which will fight for the fate of the Malays?" he asked.

Mohd Shafie also said that many scholars in the opposition pact, whether PhD holders or professors, had forgotten that they graduated from universities established by Umno.

At a press conference later, he said the Malays should be grateful to leaders who had contributed so much to the nation and religion since the struggle for independence until Malaysia became a respectable country.

"We (Umno) should have an action plan to inculcate this spirit. Otherwise, I'm worried that a culture of ingratitude will prevail to the extent that even a son or daughter will forget what the parents have done for him or her," he said.

On opposition politicians' refusal to be questioned by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Mohd Shafie said:

"We are disappointed. They are the ones who have been very vocal against corruption, but when the MACC wants to investigate, they won't cooperate."