MACC denies using ‘Gestapo’ tactics to arrest political aide

(Bernama) – The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has denied using “Gestapo” tactics when arresting Wong Chuan How, the special assistant to a Selangor exco member, on Friday.

"MACC officers never pushed Wong until he fell. Wong would not have been injured if he had followed directive and cooperated in the investigation," MACC said in a statement today.

It said initial investigation found that several aid programmes using the allocation of the SungeiPelek state sssemblyman could not be implemented although they had been approved and the cheques given to Wong.

This made Wong the main suspect and MACC decided to arrest him on Aug 5 but telephone calls and SMSes sent to him went unanswered.

"Finally, on Aug 13, Wong sent SMSes to MACC officers saying he was prepared to meet them at the Sungei Pelek state assemblyman service centre at 9am on Aug 14," said the statement.

On Friday (Aug 14), a team of MACC officers met Wong and his two lawyers at the said place. The MACC officers showed them their authority cards.

"He (Wong) was told that he would be taken to MACC office in Putrajaya for further investigation as case documents were kept there."

MACC said Wong and the lawyers protested saying he was bound by the Selangor State Secretary circular Bil. 4, 2009.

Wong was then arrested by the MACC officers under Section 18 of MACC Act  2009 and Section 406 of Penal Code.

He also refused to sign a notice under Section 53 (3) of MACC Act 2009 which was read and given to him.

Wong, through his lawyers, then them asked MACC officers permission to lodge a police report on his arrest before following them to Putrajaya.

The MACC offficers agreed but told Wong that he was under custody and had to go in their car to the police station.

"However, as Wong who was not handcuffed was about to get into the car, he suddenly pushed the officers hands and tried to escape.

"The officers had to stop Wong from escaping and hugged him from behind as he was struggling. He then fell on the five-foot-way of a shop."

MACC stressed that the officers never pushed Wong until he fell.

It asked the public for cooperation to fight corruption and not to make disparaging statements based on sentiments.