A transport minister who uses the wrong transport: “mana boleh tahan!”

By Guan Sin

Of course we would not demand the transport minister concerned to resign over this stupid mistake, for choosing the wrong mode of transport for his transport needs from the wrong party. “Mana boleh tahan,” you would shout. Integrity and accountability come into question.There are simply many many ‘mana boleh tahan‘ for the rakyat to swallow here.

The longer this sandiwara between Kuala Dimensi bosses and transport minister Ong Tee Kiat drags on, the more it strengthens public perception that Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) is merely a political tool to go after the opposition only. Why the silence? Even way way back when the scandal of Port Klang Free Zone was exposed years ago, what has MACC done? NOTHING! And here it involves billions of ringgits of public funds, not just mere thousands of ringgits as in the cases involving opposition excos. And now even after all the details emerged from PwC audit reports and accusations made by both sides, MACC stays silent. The MACC advisory panel members should seriously think whether or not they can make a difference by staying on with MACC.

This is the rakyat’s first ‘mana boleh tahan‘ – MACC’s inaction and becoming a political tool for the BN.

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