Mukhriz: Malaysians should not have to state race in forms

(The Star) NIBONG TEBAL: Malaysians should not be required to state their race in most official forms and documents, said Umno Youth executive committee member Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir.

He said while stating one’s race might be required for certain forms relating to the special privileges of bumiputras, it is not necessary for most, adding that the requirement to state one’s race in official documents was evident in the private sector.

“I would highly encourage that such columns for race be removed. This is in line with the 1Malaysia concept,” he said during a question-and-answer session here.

Mukhriz was responding to a question from Penang Junior Chamber International member Vincent Liew, who asked why Malaysians still needed to fill up a column for race in most official forms.

Liew said it would be better if people from ethnic and religious backgrounds be simply recognised as Malaysians.

Earlier, Mukhriz who is also Deputy International Trade and Industries Minister, delivered a talk on “Analysing 1Malaysia from the perspective of the hopes and responsibilities of the Malaysian youth.”

Mukhriz also suggested that Chinese and Tamil be made compulsory subjects for students from those communities and an optional subject for students from other races.

He said he would also like to see the establishment of a single-stream schools to promote the 1Malaysia vision.