The racist Malaysian exposed

Do not hope for the Malays to even start discussing the termination of the NEP when the Chinese maintain their very pompous and arrogant attitude: The Malays are not good enough to succeed and if they do then it can only be because of the NEP and for no other reason.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

written by sydput, August 08, 2009 10:16:42
You still need to be a bumi to participate in government tenders, or have a Ministry of finance bumi company license.
In RPK's case, ISUZU Malaysia distributor does not have one, and needed RPK to act as a broker/agent for this particular case.
So RPK still benefit from having NEP, NO?
written by The dragonheart, August 08, 2009 08:17:50
If YM RPK is not a Malay, I don't think he will be shortlisted on the first place. And I don't think the short ABIM man would stand up to divide the cake if YM RPK is not a Malay and a Muslim. Suppose if all the fishermen were not Malays, I don't think YM RPK would won the dirty game. This is my two cent thinking… sorry to offend anyone.
written by KotaDamansara73, August 08, 2009 01:41:46
I don't see any justice in the tender at all. I still see NEP at work because ABIM guy decide that it should be shared. Instead of evaluating the engines, they just blindly let you play dirty and bribe the fisherman to sabotage UMW.

IN my perception, you have cooperated with ABIM to sabotage UMW. If it is trully justified, the more reliable and better engine should be used. And it should be evaluated properly. Not just let the fisherman support one engine over the other because the fisherman are Malays who sided with RPK who is also a Malay. So the fisherman is more than willing to sabotage UMW engines.

If the Chinese were to ask the Malay fisherman to sabotage a Malay company engine, then I think they would reluctant to do it, unless they hate the Malay company so much.

Telling the Stupid Malaysians, that sabotaging your rival business is a justified way to do business is a sign of a very unprogressive mindset which is typical among the Malays.
written by chebella, August 08, 2009 01:12:07
i think that abim guy insist that u get 50% of the contract because u r a Malay la
giving 100% to UMW who is owned by a chinese fella is not acceptable to him
i thot that is NEP in action
written by anban, August 07, 2009 21:24:43
Hi pete, i beg to differ…if there is not NEP, you may not have been shortlisted for the 15million contract at the first place right. there may be a good chance it might have gone to a chinese company.

i am not saying i am a pro NEP as NEP today just provides the Malays with fish but it doesnt teach them how to catch the fishes. a new NEP should be targeted to the poor of all races and should be designed in such a way to train them to be competitive

Above are some of the comments to my article, Why I don’t need the NEP.  I assume from the way these comments were made the person/persons involved are non-Malays. These responses show that the non-Malays look down on the Malays and do not believe that there could probably be at least one Malay who can take on the Chinese businessmen and beat them at their own dirty game, sabotage included.

You can also see that these comments are made based on prejudices and assumptions without really understanding how the system works.

“Of course you succeeded. That is because you are Malay.”

“If you are not Malay they would not have given you the job.”

“I don’t believe you could have done it if not for the fact that you are Malay.”

I suppose I could rephrase all these comments and put it in another way.

“No way Malays can be as clever as Chinese. If a Malay beats a Chinese in business then it can only be because he was given priority and not because he was sharper than that Chinese businessman.”

As much as the Chinese may lament about the unfair treatment they receive at the hands of the Malays, as much as the Chinese may feel that the New Economic Policy is discriminatory, the Chinese themselves are not able to demonstrate that they can accept Malays as equals in the field of business.

Comments such as the above only serve to prove to the Malays that they need the NEP even more so now that before. It appears like the Chinese feel that Malays do not deserve to succeed. Do not hope for fair treatment and respect from the Chinese.  Even if you can prove that you are equal in skill to the Chinese and can match them on a level playing field they will still dig up the turf to look for evidence that the playing field just can’t be level if the Malay managed to beat the Chinese at their own game.

Malays would like to look for comfort in the possibility that it may not be dangerous to remove the NEP after all and try their hand at doing business without any handicaps thrown in. But most Malays do not feel that this is possible. If the NEP were ever to be removed the Chinese would walk all over the Malays and bury them alive. It is just that the Chinese feel the Malays do not deserve to succeed. So the only way the Malays are going to succeed would be if they got government assistance through the NEP.

Actually, the NEP is still there only partly because of Umno’s manipulation. The other reason it is still there is because the Chinese have demonstrated that they look down on the Malays and without the NEP the Chinese would have smashed the Malays to smithereens.

If the Chinese want to see the end of the NEP then some effort needs to come from the Chinese as well. Do not hope for the Malays to even start discussing the termination of the NEP when the Chinese maintain their very pompous and arrogant attitude: The Malays are not good enough to succeed and if they do then it can only be because of the NEP and for no other reason.

The Chinese want to see equality in Malaysia so long as they do not have to also take the Malays as equals. It is something the Chinese want to receive without having to reciprocate. I just do not know how such a thing is going to work.