Subsidised Diesel Part 4

By All That I Know ..

E-diesel card scheme, developed by AgroScience Industries, was introduced in January 2006 at a cost of RM10million. Under the e-diesel card scheme, fishermen were allowed to buy between RM2,500 and RM50,000 for each boat according to boat size. However the system was proven inadequate to curb the abuse as fishermen could still sell diesel out in the sea and easily re-fill their tanks or lend their e-diesel card to others.

To monitor the abuse of e-diesel scheme, LKIM then launched e-landing and of course no surprise here, the same company AgroScience, provided this system which they have conveniently described it as expansion to e-diesel module. Under e-landing, fisherman has to declare his total catch of the day before his tank is re-filled with subsidised diesel. It was introduced in Jan 2007.

A quick check on LKIM website only shows landing info at 26 complexes, what about the rest of 142 landing points?

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