IGP, You can never catch Raja Petra

Yet another claim by IGP to the court that he will get Raja Petra by October 2009.

Unfortunately, Raja Peta would have to disappointed him again because he was not in Malaysia to begin with. Apparently, the police clowns are too busy planting (or removing) evidence to get Teoh’s case to be thrown out by a technicality.

So, that left a few clueless officers from the IGP’s office that are too busy calling people & questioning them about Raja Petra’s whereabouts.

This started when Zulkifli Nordin, Kulim MP linked a DAP article from sjsandteam.wordpress.com, subsequently causing a wildfire to spread across 30 blogs & websites. The Officers in the IGP’s Office contacted them for the whereabouts of Raja Petra.

4 Bloggers & website owners were questioned & while 3 were overseas, pressure is being placed to locate the remaining blogger that is from Johor.

SjsAndTeam.wordpress.com was recently shut down by the blog owners after fears for the safety of the team & the readers. Apparently SjsAndTeam were taking care of Raja Petra in United States. SJSAndTeam did the right thing by stopping the tracks & giving the police a hard time to catch Raja Petra.

Nevertheless, this is a popular website that recently hit 4 million visitors in 7 months, just below Mahathir’s blog. Its seemed very serious that a website with this magnitude to close entirely because the police were after Raja Petra.

Raja Petra, You are in 3rd Base, Hang in there & make a home run!