Group claims police brutality

(NST) JOHOR BARU: A group of Pas members and supporters yesterday lodged a police report here over what they claimed to be police brutality during the anti-Internal Security Act rally in Kuala Lumpur on Aug 1.


Za'aba Ibrahim, 38, who is a Johor Pas Youth executive council member, alleged that he suffered two broken ribs after being manhandled by policemen.

He claimed to have fallen on his face after several people, including policemen pushed him during a scuffle.

"My eardrum was also injured during the incident, but that would heal eventually. A doctor advised me to rest for eight weeks to heal."

Za'aba, a welder, was seen using a walking stick as he lodged his report at 10.40am at the Johor Baru Sentral police station.

Thirteen others consisting of Pas members and supporters who took part in the rally also lodged reports at the same police station.

One of them was Pas central committee member and Johor party information chief Mazlan Aliman, who accused the police of using excessive force when they dispersed the crowd at the rally.

Johor Baru South police chief Assistant Commissioner Zainuddin Yaacob said the case had been referred to the Dang Wangi police in Kuala Lumpur as the complaints allegedly occurred in their jurisdiction.