Why are MPs from Pakatan suddenly so keen on Maika shares?

By Wong Mun Chee

I am just wondering, after all these years, why is everyone in the opposition suddenly ready to take on the Maika shares issues that has been lingering around for 20 over years.

Do I smell a ruse to deviate from the Kg Buah Pala issue? Yes, I smell it. As more facts are being uncovered on the shady transaction of Kg Buah Pala, the DAP in Penang needs a diversion. As usual, the Indian MP mandores need to play their part to bury the current Penang government’s fault in the Kg Buah Pala issue with a diversion.

Why the diversion? I can give you many reasons. No action was initiated on the fraudulent land transfer; no assistance was rendered to the residents in their fight against the Developer when the latter was not even the legal owner of the land. No state authority had raised the issue on the transfer of the trust land to the state land nor documents exists to prove it. So what rule of law? Close an eye for the poor and defenceless.

Then what about the premium that was paid way after when it should be paid? It does not matter.

How plausible is it that the development plan can be approved when it is subject to a premium being paid within time without the land having been transferred. Yes KSK did it, but what did the LGE government do to question all this to safeguard the residents and question the fraudulent transaction or invalidate it?

There are many legal nitty-gritties that LGE could have pursued to show the fraudulent land transfer if he was serious about saving Kg Buah Pala.

The icing on the cake, now that it is public, is that one lawyer has come out to state that “The temporary title document (Borang 11AK), registered with the registrar of land titles and issued on 27 March 2008, contains a clause “Sekatan-sekatan kepentingan“, which states:

“Tanah yang diberi milik tidak boleh dipindah milik, cagar, pajak, pajakan kecil atau sebarang bentuk urusniaga.”

So what happened, Guan Eng? All your propaganda with your Indian kuncu-kuncu that the state government needs to fork out $150 million to the Developer. The game is up, Guan Eng. We are not so stupid anymore as we have citizen vigilantes to question the fair and just moves rather than playing politics.

The truth is there was no $150 million to pay nor was there any real attempt by the present Penang government to actually safeguard the interest of the residents in Kg Buah Pala. It was but eyewash for the public.

By raising the MAIKA isues, it is very clear that it is nothing but a camouflage to hide the inherent flaws that is so transparent in the Penang government to safeguard the interests of the poor and defenceless. Since when in history has the opposition been interested in the MAIKA battle that had always been internal?

You walk on a thin line in misinterpreting the judgment of the public with your actions. Don’t insult our intelligence and what we can grasp when more truth is exposed on the shady deal revolving around Kg Buah Pala and your government’s inaction.

Sure, I don’t want an UMNO-led BN to rule Penang, but I expect you to be truthful in your dealings with those residents in Kg Buah Pala rather than diverting the attention with your hocus pocus.

It is still not too late, Guan Eng, to do the right thing for the residents. We will respect you for it for we will appreciate that you stood by them even in your time of despair for political survival.