Underworld behind sand theft, vice and gambling, claims Khir

(Bernama) – An underworld movement is behind sand theft, vice and illegal gambling activities in Selangor, claims former mentri besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohammad Khir Toyo.

Khir further claimed it was this group that helped certain candidates win in the last general election so that it could continue with its activities unhindered.

He said, when he was mentri besar, only 700 licences were approved to operate gambling outlets, cyber cafes and spas but according to National Security Council statistics, Selangor was now estimated to have over 4,000 such outlets that were operating illegally.

“If we were to look at the front pages of newspapers today . . . it seems there is a link between politicians and the underworld . . . .,” said Khir in commenting on the front page headline in Utusan Malaysia reading “Kongsi gelap taja YB” (Underworld being sponsored by elected representatives).

Khir told this reporters after launching Yayasan Bakti Khidmat Masyarakat Malaysia's charity smart card “U Pay”, here today.

He also alleged that illegal massage parlours were not only operating in urban areas but in the rurals as well.

“Not only in Puchong, but even in places like Sabak Bernam, Sungai Besar and Sekinchan. I am not sure if the people in Sungai Besar are always having body aches,” he said.

Khir also questioned why revenue from sand sales in Selangor only amounted to RM4 million when the government under his leadership had projected an annual turnover of RM200 million for the commodity.

He added that he was raising these issues to reprimand the current government so that it would rectify weaknesses and not because he was jealous.

He also said that the current government managed to attract RM4 billion in investments last year whereas when he was mentri besar, the state managed to bring in RM11.8 billion in investments.