Was Teoh manhandled? Other male DNA found on his clothes


(Suara Keadilan) – The coroner’s court was told on Wednesday that more than one male DNA sample was found on the clothing of Selangor political officer Teoh Beng Hock, who fell to his death after a prolonged interrogation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

The news bolstered already widespread speculation that the 30-year old Teoh was manhandled prior to his death or even ejected through the 14th floor window of the MACC office to which he had been taken for questioning as a witness.

“According to the first DNA report, the DNA profile derived from the swab from the back outer side of the blazer worn by the deceased Teoh Beng Hock consisted of a mixture of male DNA types from two individuals,” Tan Hock Chuan, a criminal lawyer appointed to represent the Attorney-General’s chambers told the court.

“One is concordant with the blood stain specimen of the deceased Mr Teoh and one unknown male individual.

“Another DNA profile derived from the swab taken at the tear region of the waist belt worn by the deceased Mr Teoh consisted of a mixture of male DNA types and indicated concordance with the blood stain specimens of Mr Teoh and at least one other unknown male contributor.”

Tan was quoting reports from the Bukit Aman forensic team. One showed a swab from the outer layer of Teoh’s jacket held traces of his DNA and that of another man. Another test on his belt revealed at least two male DNA samples – Teoh and at least one other man.

Tan also said a total of 102 people have been asked given their DNA samples for testing.

“I’ve been told by the chemist that the results on 90 people are ready and further tests will be conducted on 12 male persons. I’ve also been informed by the Investigating Officer that two persons have refused to give sample swabs for this DNA. That is what’s holding up the second report,” he said.

But when pressed by Gobind Singh Deo, the lawyer for Teoh’s family, Tan declined to confirm if any matches have been made so far.

The inquest has been adjourned to Aug 5.