Panel of experts appointed to tackle economic downturn in Selangor

By Neville Spykerman (The Malaysian Insider)

A panel of economic advisers have been appointed by the Selangor Government to formulate and implement policy in line with the stimulus package which was announced recently.

The nine-member panel – comprising professionals from various fields including economists, lawyers, academics and accountants – will provide strategic advice and input to the state, in line with the stimulus package.

The experts have been appointed for two years to help the state implement short and long-term economic goals, including the use of resources to ensure all projects are successful.

The panel will be supported by a secretariat to coordinate and ease cooperation with the state government.

As part of the implementation process the state is expected to hold special briefings for issues affecting each portfolio of state executive councillors.

The meetings will be held by the state economic planning unit every Friday.

Meetings will also be held with members of parliament and state assemblymen to gain input and generate ideas.

Public hearings will also be held to get feedback from experts and the public.