Rais’ idiotic hypocrisy: Is it the job of TV/Radio stations to bodek BN?

Rais Yatim:

He told Bernama today that he would be meeting the management of private TV and radio stations soon to bring about changes as they had failed to deliver the government’s aspirations resulting in the BN’s poor performance at the general election last year.

*face palms*

That’s why you think BN did badly last year?

Nothing to do with, oh I don’t know, racism, chronic corruption, a murder scandal, and all round ineptitude? Can’t be, right? 😛

While eminently stupid in and of itself, this statement bears another glaring display of arrogance, abuse of power and twistedness.

Why can’t these idiots seem to understand – the government DOES NOT EQUAL BN.

The way Rais is talking, you would think that it is the *duty* of publicly owned radio/TV stations to make the government look good *in order to* keep BN in power.

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