More bloggers face trial for comments against Perak Sultan

(Suara Keadilan) – A couple, who pleaded not guilty to posting insulting comments on the Internet against the Sultan of Perak, will face trial on July 28 and 29 at the Sessions Court.

Businessman Fuad Ariff Abdul Rashid, 35, and his wife, Fatimah Maisurah Abdullah, 34, a lawyer, were charged with two counts of posting the comments on, which is linked to the website of the Sultan’s office at on Feb 14.

Perceived bad faith

Fuad and Fatimah are among the dozen or more people charged by Prime Minister Najib Razak’s federal government for the alleged offences.

Thousands of Malaysians had posted comments critical of Sultan Azlan’s action in agreeing to a move by Najib to replace the Pakatan Rakyat state government with his own Umno-BN line-up.

They were angry because the decision by the Sultan, a former top judge, reeked of bad faith and until now, the Umno-BN state government in Perak has not gained the people’s acceptance.

Although, independent surveys have shown clearly that three-quarters of Perakians want snap election to determine their own leaders, Najib has further clamped down on dissents.

Birthday backlash

Any hopes that Sultan Azlan would reconsider and put the wishes of his subjects first were dashed on Sunday, when he celebrated his 81st birthday with stinging comments in defence of his Feb 5 decision.

Many Malaysians – not just Perak people – believe that the Ruler and his son, Raja Nazrin, to a large extent invited criticism when they kept ignoring the wishes of the people.

“These groups are allowing the end to justify the means by condoning such acts. These groups and individuals feel that they are faultless and immune from any action, to the extent of disregarding the law for the sake of attaining power,” the Sultan had said.

“An offspring will not allow the dignity and sovereignty of a ruler to be ridiculed,” said Raja Nazrin. “Actions of insulting institutions, ridiculing institutions, fermenting hatred towards institutions are early steps in the movement towards abolishing the institutions – therefore abolishing the original identity of the country’s race.”