Is The New Captain Another Football Captain Just Warming Up?

It May Be Worse, The Team (i.e. Advisers) Is Still In The Dressing Room!

So why are you and your team still warming up, when you should be up and running and scoring some spectacular goals so that we have something to cheer, instead of hearing more excuses?

By Matthias Chang

When the Badawi regime was listless and napping, Badawi gave the excuse that he was merely warming up.

I pointed out that he had five years to warm up as the deputy prime minister to the then prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and that he cannot have the luxury to “warm up” when the game has already started.

Badawi did not heed my advice and when the game resumed after half-time, he gave away five goals. A third rate team scored five massive goals and was surprised that the much touted BN team was unimaginative in offensive play and its defenders were four overweight and over-rated players.

Badawi refused to accept responsibility for the massacre and demanded that he remain as Captain. The whole team sheepishly agreed that the captain should be allowed to serve the full term. The stupid rationale was that “a captain should not be challenged” as it was against the “culture”.

The fans and critics were so pissed off that they gave the ultimate warning that if there was no change in the leadership, they would bury the entire team.

Some team members asked the Deputy to take over the leadership but he refused. He calculated that it would be safer for his long term future that others should do the heavy work of pushing aside the captain. The Deputy knew that sooner or later, the captain would be toppled as the fans were really pissed off.