Thailand’s Turmoil – 8 Reasons Why it Won’t Happen Here

I was away taking a short break since the U.S. stock market was closed on Friday for Good Friday. In the process I’ve disconnected myself from the outside world, no TV, internet or whatsoever.

And when I came back tons of things happened but nothing beats the chaotic crisis happening in Thailand. A summit meeting of East Asian leaders in Pattaya intended to address the economic crisis and regional issues was rudely disrupted and all the leaders were rushed away by helicopters, speed-boats or cars to escape the tsunami of red-shirt protestors. Poor newly-installed PM Najib Razak – he was still in the shock and was visibly upset that he couldn’t deliver his first speech in the international forum as the PM of Malaysia. So far there seems to be bad omens for this PM who is also the son of the country’s second prime minister.