One Barisan Nasional. Politics First. Performance … Naaah

Malaysia, HE has indeed come.

Get on your knees and grovel before the might and power of THE MAHAJIB.

For while the new Wanita UMNO chief made it to the Cabinet and the new Puteri UMNO chief was made a deputy minister, the new UMNO Youth chief was nowhere.

Even his deputy was made a deputy minister.

Worse still, one of the guys who lost to him in the fight for the UMNO Youth chief post was also made a deputy minister.

If this guy’s name was Mukhriz bin Kassim, do you, in all honesty, think that he would have been given the post?

I’LL BE honest — I feel sorry for the Kool Jantan.

When he was riding high, no other person in UMNO, not even his father-in-law, had as much dirt thrown at him as KJ.

And in many cases, the dude deserved it.

But while I was appalled at many of the things he did, I admired the brains he had.

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