Reporting from the ground in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau (UPDATED 5.20pm)

By Haris Ibrahim

A team of 4 each have been deployed in Bukit Gantang (BG) and Bukit Selambau (BS ). We do not have anyone in Batang Ai to do ground reporting,but you can gwt updates of the voting and the results there from HERE.

Reports from our ground teams from Bukit Selambau will be uploaded here whilst that from the team in Bukit Gantang will be uploaded at Zorro Unmasked.

5.08pm from BS – Polling stations have all closed amidst heavy rain. The team of delCapo, Milla, Nanda, Ariff and Viveg are going to take a well-deserved break. Later, two will be at the scoreboard centre to track the results.

Me? I’m going to grab 4o winks. See you all in a bit.

4.51pm from BS – YB Amiruddin Shaari of Batu Caves is in Bukit Rusa. Raining heavily.

4.42pm from BS – Bkt Rusa voter turnout as 4pm 496/667

4.36pm from BS – Raining. High tension in Bdr Baru Sg Lalang. Supporters separated by FRU. 60% voter turnout but still coming.

4.35pm from BS – Bdr Baru Sg Lalang campaign is good and safe. More crowd here.

4.27pm from BS – 2 black maria load of light strike force at Bkt Rusa. Suasana hangat.

4.24pm from BS – Its raining now.

4.11pm from BS – Tmn Ria Jaya jammed. Voter turnout increased according to some sources on the ground. Can’t verify.

4.07pm from BS : Tmn Ria Jaya getting hotter. More FRU seen on the ground. Seems like fun place to be.

4.01pm from BS : Desa Aman 60% voter turnout. Last hour effort by PKR to transport non-Malay voters out. Traffic jam. They must try motorbikes.

3.57pm from BS – Feeling is good on the ground in Bukit Selambau. 1 more hour – catching hantu time.

3.55pm from BS – Ladang Perbadanan as at 2.30pm, voter turnout is 457 out of a total number of 971.

3.39 from BS – Traffic heavy in Bukit Selambau.

2.31pm from BS – Peti undi Tasek Apong 55% turnout. Supporters calm. Mostly middle aged voters.

2.15pm from BS – Dark clouds. Heavy rain threatening. Voter turnout will be affected. Heli flying overhead.

2.10pm from BS : Sek Men Sains, Sg Petani voter turnout only 40%. YB Gobala is here. Supporters very spirited.

1.44 from Batang Ai – Latest report. Most Polling Stations in interior closed and counting under way. for more updates on Batang Ai, check out

1.39pm from BS – Bdr Sg Petani 797 total votes including 1 postal vote.votwer turnout 30%. Majority from saluran 2.

1.35pm from BS – Tasik Apong, as of 11.ooam, voter turnout 30%. 420/1363. Mostly saluran 1.

1.23pm from BS – Photo of the hantu car list below. Please disseminate this info to those in Bukit Selambau to be on the look out


1.22pm from BS – Kg Pokok Machang voter turnout as at now is 302/696

1.17pm from BS – Titi Panjang voter turnout as at now is 610/1058

1.15pm from BS – Selambau SMK Aman Jaya 25% turnout. Older folks and women. No incidents. Supporters calm.

1.12pm from BS – SM Pusat Laguna Merbok. A few vehicle number plates of suspected vehicles carrying hantu are up on display . PKR is sweeping Laguna Merbok.

1.10pm from BS – SJKT Saraswathy at Air Mendidih. SPR figures as of 12.30pm 683 voters out of 1695 have cast their votes. Voter turnout 35%. Not encouraging. Otherwise all ok. PKR numbers : Saluran 1 – 58 Saluran 2 – 131

12.54pm from BS – Bus of 40 suspected hantu caught at Gurun.

12.50pm from BS – Voter turnout at Kg Pokok Machang as at now is 360/1996

12.38pm from BS – Passed Kg Apong. More PKR support.

12.36pm from BS – The names of candidates 13 and 14 swapped on ballot paper. Found at pusat mengundi IKM. This was reported by independent candidate Venisen himself.

12.28pm from BS – Voter turnout at Pekan Bukit Selambau as at now is 360/1996.

12.17pm from BS – Suasana panas dan hangat tapi meriah di daerah mengundi Pekan Selambau. Jalan sesak 5 km.

12.13pm from BS – Just received a photo from Tmn Peruda of the PKR polling booth.


12.06pm from BS – Received the photos below with the following note : Tmn ria jaya n peruda.. Malay area.. Pkr booth busier than BN


12.05pm from BS – Tmn Peruda voter turnout 20%. PKR more than BN

12.00pm from BS – Taman Ria 1 bus pengundi hantu. Taman Ria Jaya 4 buses. All suspected phantom voters. Indian driver. Passengers can’t be located. Suspected that some have already been despatched.

11.58am from BS – At Tmn Peruda, police acting fairly. Saw them ask a lady to remove outfit with BN badge before entering polling station.

11.52am at BS – At Tmn Peruda, traffic on the main road is heavy. Appeal to the voters to come out early on foot or bikes. Weather is good.

11.33am from BS – Voter turnout at Bkt Batu Belacan as at now is 142/778

11.31am from BS – Ariff and Nanda heading back to Selambau

11.22 from BS – Suspected 1 more bus of hantu at Bandar Baru.

11.21 from BS – Police escorted bus all the way to Gurun. Bus at balai polis Gurun. 1 PKR rep allowed in. Gate to the balai polis closed. 22 people in front of the balai polis.

11.17am from BS – Taman Ria looks like a PKR majority so far.

10.58am from BS – Taman Ria Jaya voters came out early and the majority were for PKR, according to a PAS local.

10.56am from BS – Taman Ria Jaya mostly BN and Puteri UMNO. Mainly outsiders.

10.55am from BS – Nanda and Ariff following 1 bus pengundi hantu from Bukit Lembu to Sg Lalang. Police car escorting front and back of bus.

10.48am from BS – Turnout at Kampong Sungkap as at now is 163/600

10.34am from BS – Turnout at Sekolah Aman Jaya, Bukit Lembu as at now is 183/800

10.31 from BS – Bukit Lembu situation under control. PKR person in charge says voter turnout encouraging. Area comprises 3 estates of mainly Indians.

10.20am from BS – Bus No. KBV 2359, with 209 occupants thought to be pengundi hantu has been stopped in Bukit Lembu.

10.15am from BS – In Taman Ria Utara, 200 PKR  supporters vs 100 BN supporters. Loud noises but still under control. Weather is good. Khalid Samad here. Ganesan also here.

9.10am from BS – Team breakfast with the MP of Sungai Patani, Johari Abdul, PKR Youth Shamsul, PKR director of training. Feeling all round is good. “Hot day” ahead in Selambau as MIC all out. Zero hantu buses thus far.

8.20am from BS – Both PKR and BN workers at polling station. Police at every junction. Streets still quiet. Traffic free flow.