New PM’s questionable impacts on free and fair elections

There are a few actions taken by the newly installed PM Najib Tun Rajak which are calculated to moderate his image: releasing about a doz of ISA detainees, including 2 of the 5 Hindraf leaders; reversing the ban on the party organs of 2 Pakatan rakyat parties.

This are supposed to contribute to a make over for the BN government, which willy nilly will lead to `1 Malaysia’! Now: what do all these have to do with free and fair elections?

The superfitial reading is: releasing ISA detainees could soften the image of the incoming PM. But then Dr M released even more when he came into power-then arrested more than he released later when his power came under real challenge! So anyone with a bit of memory would not buy the largely public relation (PR) exercise.