Nation-leader not party-king for Malaysia

The arrival of our 'new' Prime Minister is generating much heat on the ground. Along with it is the uncertain global economic and financial challenges that threatens to dim-out the lights of hope and progress.

Malaysia is indeed at a crucial junction of its nationhood as its political history crashes face-on with the global economic perils.
It is time that we as a nation of people paused to critically appraise our sojourns this far. What are we championing: party supremacy at all cost or anointing and supporting a man or woman who can lead the nation out of its gutter politics and uncertain economic outlook?
The question brings to the fore a harsh truth. We have to accept that, what we need is national leadership not party power brokering.
As such, the on-going battle to determine whether the ruling party remains or the 'opposition' eventually takes the reigns of the country come GE-13 is absolutely a redundant let alone dangerous courtship.
We have seen far too much of resources and energy being dumped along the lines of party ideologies. We should be looking at leadership, collaboration and galvanizing of capabilities from all sides of the political hegemony. And that alone will be the premium currency for our nationhood.
As such, it is to be left to be seen whether our newly anointed Prime Minister will prove to be a leader of the times or turn out yet to be another individual who throws the towel in and apologizes for shortcomings or worse, quits with tears at the podium ranting that he cannot take it all any more.
God willing, Malaysia will rise from its darkening history and emerge a reformed nation that the world can welcome as edifying. Otherwise, all of us who put a leader up there are collectively guilty of failing this nation.
– J. D. Lovrenciear , Semenyih